Afghan Biographies

Herat important Businessmen

Name Herat important Businessmen
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Wealthy Businessmen in Herat with political ambitions
History and Biodata

Big merchants, set out to grab a parliamentary seat 2010: Amongst them are Munawar Shah Bahaduri, the owner of the Pamir Cola soft drinks company, and Ghulam Qader Akbar, the previous president of the provincial Department of Commerce hailing from Pashtun Zarghun district, like the former he enjoys both Pashtun tribal support in the countryside and his elite urban status. Further there are Muhammad Halim Taraki, from a big merchant family which gives the city its mayor (his brother), Farhad Majidi, a rich trader who seems to be close to the Ulema Council of Herat, Wahid Sediqi, a dealer in cooking gas making huge profits through Torghundi, the border crossing to Turkmenistan, originally from Farah province, he settled in the richer and safer environment of Herat long ago and Ali Jan Mamnun, reportedly one of the richest man in town. Last not least Muhammad Rafa Watandost who is involved in the mining business (to remind us that not every Hazara is a proletarian). This list of capitalists (who someone labeled 'the economic mafia') could go on much longer.

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