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Hassan, Qais

Name Hassan, Qais
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1979
Function/Grade Ex Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kabul
History and Biodata

Qais Hassan
Phone: 079381308

2. Previous Functions:
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kabul

3. Biodata:
Qais Hassan was born 1979 inHassan_Qais Bagrami district of Kabul province and lives in Kabul city. Hassan finished his primary and secondary education at the Istiqlal High School of Kabul in 2004. He got his diploma in Business Administration and Management from Hewad University in Peshawar, Pakistan in 2004. Hassan is a member of the Hassankhil Tribal Council.

He is a businessman trading in construction materials, oil and gas, and vehicles.

Commission (2012): Transport, Telecommunications, Urban and Housing Affairs, Water and Power Supply and Municipal Affairs (Chair, 2012; previous Deputy, 2011).
General Attorney Aloko named Qais Hasan as an example and said the lawmaker (and others) had personnel problems with Kabul mayor related to a town named Merwais Town considered as illegal by Kabul mayor. The area where the town is to be built belongs to the government. “Qais Hassan is also responsive to Attorney General Office because of appointment of a person named Ahmadzai at Kabul International Airport, but he hasn’t respond to the office as being a lawmaker,” Mohammad Ishaq Alako further said.(20140512)

Mirwaiz Hussainkhel is a brother of Qais Hassan.

He is married and has four daughters and two sons.

Hassan speaks Pashtu, Dari, English and German.

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