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Hashimzai, Mohammad Qaasem Dr. Hashemzai

Name Hashimzai, Mohammad Qaasem Dr. Hashemzai
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1945
Function/Grade Head of independent commission for overseeing the impleme
History and Biodata

1. Former Chairman Head of  the independent commission for overseeing the implementation constitution ICOIC:
Prof. Gul Rahman Qazi
Dr. Mohammad Qasim Hashemzai (2015-2017) controversial removed by Commission members (20170416)
Mohammad Arif Hafiz

Members of the commission:
Sayed Latifur Rahman (20150125, 20151228)
Abdur Rauf Harawi Abdul Raouf Harawi Mohammad Abdul Raoof Herawi (20151228, 20161023)

Abdullah Shafahi Abdullah Shafayee Abdullah Shafaee (20151228)
Sayed Abubakar Mutaqi Sayed Abobakr Mutaqi  Abubakar Mutaqee (20151228)

Muhammad Arif Hafiz, (20151228)
Mrs. Ghazaal Haris,Ghazal Haris Ghezal Hares (20151228)

2. Previous Functions:
Judge and Acting Head of Special Court for employees (1965 – 1966),
General Director of Registration of Commercial Documents (1964 – 1965),
Head of Afghan Monitoring Desk and Asia Foundation Desk in BBC World Service in England,
Deputy to Research and Studies Department of the Supreme Court ( 1973 – 1977),
Advisor to the Minister of Justice (2002),
Chairman of the Secretariat of Independent Commission for Judicial and Justice Reforms,
Chairman of Citizenship Affairs Commission,
Member of the Red Cross leadership board and the Head of “National Legal Training Center” board.
Deputy Minister of Justice (2011)
Head of independent commission for overseeing the implementation constitution (20160718)

3. Biodata:
hashmzai_Dr_MohammadDr. Mohammad Qaasem Hashemzai Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai. Dr. Mohammad Qasim Hashimziwas born 12 April 1945 in Kabul City where he completed his primary and secondary education. In 1338 (1959), he was accepted to the Law Faculty of Kabul University. 1960-1963 Kabul University BA Law. Dr. Hashemzai’s Higher Education and Scientific Degrees are as follows: (1965 Following UN fellowship [Judicial Organization in the Protection of Human Rights] in Yugoslovakia, Egypt and Sri-Lanca (1965: Following Asia Foundation Fellowship [Public Administration] in USA. 1965-1966 Oxford University, Keble College, England Dip. (Government and Development) 1966-1967 Oxford University, Keble College, England Dip. in Law (Criminal Procedure) 1969-1971 Oxford University, Keble College, England M.Litt ( Precedent and Law Reporting) 1977-1981 Sheffield University, England Ph.D (Crimes against Property)

Hashimzai, who spent more than 20 years in England, came back to Afghanistan on March 20, 2002 after the Taliban Regime was overthrown.

Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai was recommended for ICOIC.(20151130)

Six members of the  commissioners alleged that Hashemzai had failed to ensure the independence of the commission, had not upheld its good reputation, had lacked in leadership, and moreover for health reasons (old age and weak memory) was no longer fit to head the commission. Privately, a commission member talking to a source accused Hashemzai of corruption, including selling the Haj quota and doling out the scholarships allocated to the commission to his relatives, and that when it was disclosed, Hashemzai had claimed that his signature had been fabricated.(20170416)

In addition to Dari and Pashto, Hashimzai is fluent in English.

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