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Hamidzai, Muhammad Naeem Lalai Lali

Name Hamidzai, Muhammad Naeem Lalai Lali
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1977
Function/Grade Ex Wolesi Jirga Member
History and Biodata

Muhammad Naiem Lalay Hamidzai
Phone: 0700600005

2. Previous Functions:
Security Manager for Gul Agha Shirzai (2003-2008)
Afghan Border Police Commander Spin Boldak, Rapid Reaction Force (2008-2009)
Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) Kandahar (2009-2010)
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kandahar

3. Biodata:
Hamidzai_LalayMuhammad Naeem Lalai Hamidzai Hameedzai Mohammad Naim Mohammad Naeem Lalai Hameedzai, son of Anar Gul, was born 1977 in Toba Asakzai, Kandahar Province and was former commander from Kandahar Province. Hamidzai graduated from Ghazi Abdullah Khan High School in Kandahar in 1994.

Lalai 2010 was elected Member of Parliament representing Kandahar in the Wolesi Jirga. A native of Kandahar Lali is an Pashtun from the Hamidzai branch of the Achakzai tribe.

Before Lalai was  a sub-commander in the Afghan Border Police (ABP) headquartered in Spin Boldak and commanded by Abdul Raziq. Raziq’s ABP force developed a reputation for efficiency and demonstrated a capability for keeping Spin Boldak secure and relatively free from Taliban infiltration. Lalai’s relationship with Raziq soured in the late-2000s, and in 2008 Lalai left the ABP. According to Lalai, his departure of the force came about because of his “disgust” with the corruption in Raziq’s force. Other members of the ABP claimed that the falling-out between the two men was caused by a rivalry over money and power.

After leaving the ABP Lalai went to Kabul, where he joined the recently established Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) and requested to be stationed in Kandahar. Once back in the province he began an investigation into Raziq’s corruption. In September 2008 Lalai was nearly killed in a assassination attempt which he publically blamed on Raziq.

According to Lalai, Raziq used his influence with important player in Kabul and Assadullah Waffa, the former governor of Helmand to have Lalai removed from his post in Kandahar and returned to Kabul. While in the capital city Lalai continued his campaign against Raziq, bringing his evidence against the Spin Boldak commander to the attention of his superiors in the CNPA and their Western advisors.

Lalai ran as a candidate in the 2010 Wolesi Jirga elections. During his campaign he was supported by Gul Agha Sherzai a regional strongman and former governor of Kandahar. Lalai’s campaign posters pictured the two men embracing. Lalai narrowly survived a second attempt on his life during the campaign when a motorcycle bomb exploded near his house. Lalai came in second in the election, collecting 5,435 votes.

Commission (2012): Internal Affairs. Hamidzai heads the Internal Relations Committee of the Coalition for the Support of the Rule of Law.

Finance Minister Omar Zakhilwal on 20130513 revealed the names of the lawmakers he had earlier accused of smuggling and making illegal demands on the government. Speaking in the Wolesi Jirga, Zakhilwal said MP from Kandahar Hameedzai Lalai had demanded licence plates for 1,970 right-hand drive vehicles. There is a ban of number plates for such vehicles under a cabinet decision. The minister read out the letter, in which Lalai had asked him to ignore the cabinet decision. The MP allegedly imported alcoholic beverages through Kabul airport, using his parliamentary passport. Zakhilwal also blamed Lalai for threatening airport officials, who objected to the import of alcohol. “Yesterday, Lalai called a customs officer and threatened him with death,” he said, without elaborating. However, Lalai said the minister had leveled the allegations against him because he had not only signed the summons but had also urged his colleagues to do so. (20130514


Kabul’s police chief, Maj. Gen. Hassan Shah Frogh, said that Hamidzai had been drunk and had chased through town after someone he was angry at, and ended up firing into a hotel where his quarry had taken refuge. Then, in a cover-up effort, he fired into the air at his own house a few miles away to make it look as though he were the one who had been attacked, General Frogh said. Hamidzai parried that charge of drunkenness by saying in a Facebook post that a senior policeman at the scene had been drunk, and that the policeman was an armed robber to boot. Soon videos were broadcast of CCTV footage showing Hamidzai staggering around and shooting at the gate of the hotel as his entourage fired automatic weapons into the air and over the walls. Hamidzai insisted that the videos were faked, but the police said they were genuine.(20170319)

A number of MPs in the Wolesi Jirga, Lower House of Parliament, claimed that the first deputy speaker of the house, Humayun Humayun, MP from Khost,  and Lalai Hamidzai, an MP from Kandahar, forced their way into the National Archives recently and removed a number of documents.(20171025)

Former lawmaker from southern Kandahar province, Lalai Hamidzai who had been detained for allegedly misusing his powers, has been released on bail, Attorney General Office said on Sunday, Feb 14, 2021. Hamidzai was arrested in Kabul Airport on Saturday. According to Jamshid Rasouli, the Spokesman of the Attorney General Office, Hamidzai was accused by the Anti-Corruption Justice Center for allegedly misusing his powers when he was a member of the parliament, Hamidzai has been called for prosecutions but he denied several times to appear to the office.(20210225)


Hamidzai is married and has four children.

He speaks Dari, English and Urdu.

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