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Hamidi, Farida Hamedi Mrs.

Name Hamidi, Farida Hamedi Mrs.
Ethnic backgr. Baloch
Date of birth 1967
Function/Grade Ex Wolesi Jirga Member 2018 MP MNA Nimroz Nimruz
History and Biodata

Farida Hamedi
Phone: 0799349720

2. Previous Functions:
School Teacher
Founder Sister's Movement Foudation (Literacy Courses)
Head of the Provincial Women’s Affairs Department (2001-2009)
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Nimroz Nimruz
Wolesi Jirga Member 2018 MP MNA Nimroz Nimruz

3. Biodata:
Hamidi_FaridaMrs. Farida Hamedi, daughter of Abdul Razaq, was born in 1967 in Zaranj district, Nimroz province. Her grandfather was an MP under the Zahir Shah regime. Hamedi completed her primary education at Mirwais Hotaki School in Kabul, and her secondary education at Gawari School in Kabul. She graduated from Soraya High School in Kabul in 1983. She attained her diploma from the Sayed Jamaluddin Teacher Training Institute in Kabul in 1985.

Hamedi taught science at underground girls’ schools in Kabul from 1986 throughout the Taliban regime. She later became the head of the Department of Women’s Affairs in Nimroz – a position she held for eight years.

A teacher by profession, Farida Hamidi is a natural mediator. From leading a women’s shura – a council that makes decisions through a deliberative or consultative process – to directing the Department of Women’s Affairs in Nimroz, she has used her talents to address and resolve problems across the province. Widely respected as a teacher, Hamidi was the first to establish a school for girls after the fall of the Taliban regime.

Hamedi participated in the Emergency Loya Jirga in 2002, the Constitutional Loya Jirga in 2003 and the Peace Jirga in 2010.

Hamedi ran unsuccessfully for parliament in 2005.

In 20120 Hamidi won 3,480 votes in Nimroz province, outscoring all other candidates. She attributes her success to an ethnically diverse campaign team that reached out to different tribes and ethnic groups, and to the strong support she received from religious leaders. Encouraged by clerics in her family, religious leaders across the province supported Hamidi by giving her the chance to speak after Friday prayers in mosques in the region. Hamidi also attended the National Democratic Institute (NDI) campaign school for women candidates, where she learned new skills and received information that aided her campaign.

Commission (2012): International Affairs

Farida Hameedi secured 7,182 votes in Wolesi Jirga election 2018 and got a seat in WJ 2018.

Presently she support Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20200312)

She is married and has two sons and four daughters.

Hamidi speaks Balochi, Dari and English.

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