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Halimi, Muhammad Qasem Qasim Zai

Name Halimi, Muhammad Qasem Qasim Zai
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1973
Function/Grade Minister of Haj and religious Affairs
History and Biodata

1. Former ministers Hajj and Auqaf:
Prof. Nehmatullah Sharani Shahrani (2004-20080909),
Muhammad Siddiq Chakari (2009),
Dr Mohammad Yousuf Niazi (201001, 20120725 -20140930),
Dr Mohammad Yousuf Niazi acting Minister (20141001)
acting Minister of Haj and Religious Endowments Dr Al-Haq Abed (20141209)
Faiz Mohammad Osmani (20150127)
Maulvi Abdul Hakim Munib (20190120, 20201120) acting
Muhammad Qasim Halimi (20201121)

Deputy hajj and Islamic affairs minister of administrative and financial Ministry of Hajj and religious Affairs:
Dr. Daiul Haq Abid, Daee-ul-Haq Abed, Dayeul Haq Abedi Dr Al-Haq Abed Dai-ul-haq Abid Daeeul Haq Abid(20111109, 20121114, 20140109, 20151008, 20170710) Daiulhaq Abid,was sentenced to imprisonment in absentia on charges of forgery and misuse of authority.(20180110)

Mawlawi Aminuddin Muzafari (20200529)

2. Previous Functions:
Under the Taliban government chief of protocol.
one year in US custody in Baghram (January 2002 until January 2003)
Deputy Director of the Department of Studies and Scrutiny of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

- Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’  Regional Office in Balkh;

- Deputy Director of the Protocol General Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

- General Director of the Judicial Inspection Department of Supreme Court;

- General Director of the Internal Audit of Supreme Court;

- General Director of Admin and Finance of Supreme Court;

- Lecturer of the Judicial Stage Course;

- Senior Adviser to Minister of Education;

- Political Adviser to High Peace Council;

- Legal Consultant to Asian Foundation in Afghanistan;

- Member and spokesman of Afghanistan Ulema Council;

- Head of the Qoba Foundation;

- Head of the Religious Affairs of the Security Council Office and Executive Member of the High Council of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Finance and administrative director of the Supreme Court (20091217)
Spokesman of the Afghanistan Ulema Council (2005, 20170601)
Minister of Haj and religious Affairs (20201121)

3. Biodata:
Muhammad Qasem Halimi was born 1973 in Kharwar District of Logar province of Afghanistan. Halimi attended Afghani Primary School of Pakistan for primary educations and earned his Bachelor Degree in year 1998 from Al-Azhar University of Egypt.

When he returned home in 1998, he began a career in the Taliban's Foreign Ministry, eventually becoming chief of protocol. "I don't deny that I supported the Taliban," Halimi said. "I had a very good time in the Foreign Office. It was really the best time in my life. Back then Afghanistan really needed the Taliban. He spent a year in US custody.

2003, Halimi had returned home and joined the new Karzai government. He was given posts in Afghanistan's Justice, Finance and Education ministries under the postwar president, Hamid Karzai, and was later appointed to the government's Peace Council to negotiate with the Taliban.
In 2005, Halimi joined the 3,000-member state-funded National Afghan Ulema Council, the nation's highest religious authority and a key adviser to the president on matters of faith. Halimi is now the body's spokesperson. Over the past several years, the Taliban has killed and injured a number of the council's members.
Mohammad Qasim Halimi was approved as minister of hajj and religious affairs with 148 votes in favor, 41 votes against, 23 invalid votes and 34 unmarked votes. (20201121)

He speaks Pashtu, Dari, Arabic and English.

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