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Gulran District Herat Province

Name Gulran District Herat Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief
History and Biodata

Gulran District Chief Herat Province:
Muhammad Daud Nizami (20100720),
Mujibur Rahman Abed, Father: Abdul Rahman, Grandfather: Abdul Rauf, married, DOB 1982 in Herat, Tajik, Phone: 0799423727, (20100706)

Gaulran is a completely Pashtoon district where Achakzai, Sagzai and Alizai tribes live. These tribes were financially stronger than other Pashtoons in the area. Many people in Herat believe that war lord
Ismael Khan was fearing the unity and financial influence of these Pashtoon people, so in order to undermine their unity Ismael Khan imposed a heavy tax on them.

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