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Gozar, Mir Amanullah Guzar Brig Gen

Name Gozar, Mir Amanullah Guzar Brig Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Police Commander
History and Biodata

2.Previous Functions:
Kabul Chief of Highway Police (2006)
Adviser President (2007)
Commander of 707th PAMIR Zone (20151015, 20160216)

Advisor to the President, Decree by Hamed Karzai, the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: I approve the appointment of Maj Gen Amanollah Gozar as adviser to the president, preserving his military ranks. The post has been created beyond the grade within the presidential administration and the secretariat of the council of ministers. (Ex Kabul Chief of Highway Police (20069604).

Gen. Jamil Junbish has been replaced by Gen. Amanullah Gozar. Karzai failed to strengthen his position on law and order, on the contrary he appointed as head of the Kabul police Amanullah Gozar, a former commander known for his extortion and drugtrafficking activities. Documents circulating among diplomats allegedly link him to extortion, land grabbing and the kidnapping of three UN workers in late 2004. (Karazai even called him "my brother").

Also in June 2007, police attempted to search the house of Amanullah Gozar, a former Kabul police chief who is currently advisor to President Karzai on security issues. According to official sources, Gozar's men would not allow the police inside; instead, they fought back, wounding one policeman and disarming dozens of others. The interior ministry's Bashiri was not forthcoming on this matter, either.

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