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Gilani, Fatima, Gailani

Name Gilani, Fatima, Gailani
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1954
Function/Grade IARCS Independent Afghan Red Crescent Society Member
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Fatima_GailaniFatima Gailani was born in Kabul 1954. She is divored from Hamid Nasser-Zia and later married to Dr. Awar ul Haq Ahadi (Ex Minister of Finance). She is the daughter of Pir Ahmad Gailani. She got her school education on Lycee Malalai in Kabul. 1978 she studied at the Iran National Melli University and later at the Muslim College in London (1994) where she got an MA in literature with a thesis about Sufism.  Anwar ul Haq Ahadi was divorced from his first wife later married Fatima Gilani, daughter of Pir Ahmad Gilani.

She lived 20 years abroad in London, where her father owns a house. She worked in London as a spokesperson for the mujahideen during the Soviet war of the 1980s. She was present at the 2001 Bonn conference as an observer, and in 2002 was a delegate at the Emergency Loya Jirga. In 2003, President Karzai appointed her as a constitution drafting and ratifying commissioner. She has got one daughter from her first husband. Now she lives in Kabul with her daughter, Homaira Nasser- Zia Khan. Fatima Gailani has been serving as the president of the Afghan Red Crescent Society since 2004.

She received the Peace and Friendship Award from the Iranian president at the 90th anniversary of the humanitarian organisation’s creation.(20121221)

Gailani is now 66 and is suffering from cancer. She has returned from retirement, after three major operations, to be present in Doha. She is one of only four women involved in the talks.(20201009)

Fatima Gilani holds US citizenship.

Fatima Gilani speaks Dari, Pashtu and English

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