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Ghor Provincial Council members 15 including 4 women.
1 Ahmad Rahimi 10,751 4.0% is a suspected drug-smuggler and food-convoy looter with ties to local troublemakers Ammadullah Beg, General Morghabi, and Mullah Mustafa. Rahimi is implicated in the recent (20090400) theft of 1,600 bags of food from a humanitarian convoy in Char Sadeh District.
2 Mohammad Sadeq Sadiq (Yousefi) 10,547 3.9%
3 Mohammad Daoud Daud (Ghaffari) 10,316 3.8%
4 Hayat Ullah Hayatullah (Abrahmy) 9487 3.5%, Hayatullah Baig killed by remote controlled bomb (20120802)
5 Rumi Khan Zadah Ramadan 8952 3.3%
6 Haji Ghulam Yahry (Raji) 8422 3.1%
7 Najibullah 8290 3.1%
8 Haji Fazl Haq Ihsan 7548 2.8% Provincial Council Chief (20130427)
9 Habib Allah "Hashemi" 6973 2.6%
10 Bdaltyf (Ghafouri) 6683 2.5%
11 Abdul Rahim (Reza Zadeh) 6557 2.4%
12 Firouz Ghafouri 2177 0.8%
13 Anjyla (Sharifi) 1592 0.6%
14 Lida (mystical) 1054 0.4%
15 Hajrh 1020 0.4%

Fazel-ul-Ahad, was a commander of a militia and after joining the peace process he was elected as a member of the Provincial Council last year.(201300730)

Ghowr Provincial Council Members Biography

The strategically situated Ghor province has 14 Provincial Council Members including five female.
1. Fazlul Haq Ihsan, head of the council:
Fazlul Haq Ihsan is the son of Abdur Rahman. He was born in Deh Haji area of Chahar Sada district in Ghor province in 1960.
He completed his primary and secondary education at Sultan Allauddin Ghori High School. During Jihad, he joined Mujahedeen. After Mujahidin victory, he served on various positions including deputy of education department in Public discipline battalion, logistic manager of security department and logistic manager of 41 division in Ghor from 1992 to 1996.
He took active part in fighting against Taliban. During the last months of 2001, he discharged his duties as governor of Chahar Sada district for three years. Similarly, he served as deputy of Labor and Social Affairs Department and head of the department.
2. Abdul Qadir Rasuli, deputy of the council
Son of Mohammad Rasul, Abdul Qadir Rasuli was born in Aspizoy area of Shahrak district in 1978. He got his primary education at Sultan Ghayyasuddin High School and secondary education at Sultan Allauddin Ghori High School.
He completed his higher education in 2001 at Herat Training Institute. After completion of higher education, he then served for 11 years in different organizations in the center and districts of the province. In 2009, he won the provincial council election.
3. Ramazan Akhond Zada:  
Ramazan Akond Zada is the son of Jamaluddin. He was born in Shinia locality of Dawlatyar district in 1973. He completed his 14th class in the field of Sharia Law.
He worked as head of Ulama Council and head of Labour and Social Affairs and Martyred Department. He participated in Regional Security Jirga, Peace Council Jirga and Traditional Loya Jirga.
Now, he has the membership of Ulama General Council of Afghanistan.
4. Abdul Latif Ghafoori:
Son of Abdur Rauf Ghafori, Abdul Latif Ghafoori was born in 1981. He achieved private education. After the victory of Mujahidin, he started his primary education at Sultan Allauddin Ghori High School and graduated in 2003. He then served as teacher in Dawlay Yar district.
He passed CHI healthcare course and taught as volunteer and then worked as medical assistant at Ghor Public Health Department. In 2006, he achieved his certificate as professional medical practitioner in Ghor provincial hospital and worked in healthcare services for four years. He won the provincial council election in 2009.
5. Mohammad Sadiq Yosufi:
Mohammad Sadiq Yosufi is the son of Hami Mohammad Hassan. He was born in Lal-o-Sari Jangal district of Ghor in 1980. He admitted to Dar-ul-Huda Madrassa in 1993 and studied syntax, logic, principles of jurisprudence until 2000 and then taught at the Dar-ul-Huda Madrassa. In 2004, he started teaching at Saminul Aima Dar-ul-Ulum for four years.
From 2008 to 2009, he worked as finance manager of Lal-o-Sari Jangal district. In 2009, he won provincial election and then participated in National Peace Advisory Jirga and Traditional Jirga.
In 2004, he founded Andesha-e-Jawan Cultural Foundation, Andisha Library and Andisha Political, Cultural and Social monthly. Currently, the Andisha monthly continues printing every month.
6. Nayyaz Mohammad Shirzai: 
Nayyaz Mohammad Shirzai is the son of Aqa Shir. He was born in Tahab area of Tolak district in 1956. He got his primary education at a mosque and school at his home district. He completed his 12th grade education privately.
During Jihad, he joined Mujahidin ranks. He served as elder of his tribe and then governor of Tolak district. During the Taliban regime, he offered stout resistance. After collapse of Taliban, he served his people within the development council. In 2009, he won the provincial elections.
7. Abdur Rahim Reza Zada:
Abdur Rahim Reza Zada is the son of Mohammad Ghous. He was born in Qala-e-Gowher area of Charah Sadah district in 1969. He got his primary education in a local primary school, 12th grade in Sultan Allauddin Ghori High School and higher education in the Ghor Teacher Training Institute.
He worked in on different positions in education sector for six long years. In the first parliamentarian election, he served as member of Provincial Complaint Commission of Joint Electoral Management Body. In the second provincial elections, he won the ballots.
8. Habibullah Hashimi:
Habibullah Hashimi is the son of Arbab Mohammad Hashim. He was born in Shah Madad locality, center of Ghor in 1967. He got his primary education at Dahor Primary School in Murghab district.
He completed his high school privately. In 1988, he migrated to Pakistan and then joined Mujahedeen. After Mujahedeen came to power, he headed the 833 Battalion. In transitional government, he worked as chief of the Crime Investigation Management. For three years, he served as teacher at Dahor High School. In 2009, he won the provincial elections.
9. Ghulam Yahya Raji:
Ghulam Yahya Raji is the son of Arbabullah. He was born in Qala-e-Gowher Charsada district in 1961. He achieved his 6th class in Qala-e-Gowher School and then joined Mujahedeen forces. After Mujahidin came to power, he served as chief of Jihadi battalion. He fought against Taliban. After the fall of Taliban regime, he worked as security police chief in Ghor for two years.
10. Najibullah Azizi:
Najibullah Azizi is the son of Abab Nasrullah. He was born in Gaw Kosh area of Tolak district in 1953. He studied at Madrassa for seven years. In 1974, he served as head of village. During Jihad, he was appointed as chief of Mujahedeen front commander by Tanzim Itehad Islami (Islamic Union Party). In 2009, he won the provincial council elections.
11. Mrs.  Anjila Sharifi:
Anjila Sharifi is the daughter of Mohammad Sharifi. She was born in Tiyora district in 1978. She admitted to Naswan School in 1985 but could not continue her education because of Taliban regime.
After fall of Taliban, she got admission in a school and achieved grad 12th at Sultan Allauddin Ghori High school in 2002.
In 2003, she worked as teacher in Labor and Social Affairs Department and then at Sultan Razia-e-Ghori. In 2005, she nominated in provincial elections. She graduated from Teacher Training Institute in 2009.
Sharifi participated in the National Jirga, Peace Advisory Jirga and Loya Jirga. In 2006, she along with some of cultural activists founded the Andisha-e-Jawan Cultural Foundation, a library and Andisha Monthly in Lal-o-Sari Jangal which contains political, cultural, and social and news reports.
12. Mrs. Gul Feroz Ghafoori:
Gulferoz Ghafoori is the daughter of Abdul Ghafoor. She was born in Murghab area of Ghor province. She graduated from Sultan Razia Ghori in 2009 and then admitted to Teacher Training Institute. In 2005, she worked as the member of public awareness team with Joint Electoral Management Body and assistant in economy department.
In 2009, she won provincial council elections. She has been serving as member of High Peace Council since the council was established. She has been also working as head of Noor Safa coordination and reconstruction organization and deputy of Provincial committee of Harakat Khaharan voluntarily.
13. Mrs. Lida Irfani:
Lida Irfani is the daughter of Eng. Sangin. She was born in Kabul 1990. In 2000, she returned to Ghor and completed her primary and high schools in the province. She graduated from Ghor Teacher Training Institute.
She worked at Habitat, anchor in Radio Sada-e-Adalat, deputy of Jawanan Ghor National Organ, member of writing board of 21 monthly, social trainers in Habitat and member of management board of Ghor Female Unity Council.
14.   Mrs. Hajira Wakili:
Hajira is the daughter of Mohammad Yaqoob. She was born in Dahan Kasi in 1978. She got her 9th class in Sultan Razia High School. With the formation of Karzai government in 2005, she worked as teacher in education department. 

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