Afghan Biographies

Ghazi, Masood Khan Musa Masud

Name Ghazi, Masood Khan Musa Masud
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1976
Function/Grade Ex Kabul Bank new Chairman
History and Biodata

1. Former Chairmen Kabul Bank:
Sherkhan Farnood Farnud stepped down 20100831.
Masud Khan Musa Ghazi (20100831 - )

2. Previous Functions of Masud Khan Musa Ghazi:
Chief Executive Officer of Kabul Bank (apponted 20100901)
Chief Finance Officer of Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan) (until 20100831)

3. Biodata
Masud Khan Musa Ghazi Masood Khan Musa Ghazi was born 1976 in Afghanistan. He is a former central-bank official and has been appointed Kabul Bank's new chairman (20100830). Chairman Sherkhan Farnud and chief executive Khalilulah Feruzi Feroozi stepped down on August 31. Citing an unidentified central-bank official, "The New York Times" also reported that Farnud has allegedly been using the bank's money to cover the losses of his private airline, Pamir Airways. Western media reported on August 31, 2010 that the two top executives were summoned by the central bank on August 30, threatened with arrest, and forced to resign.

On September 5, 2010, as per my  initial loss assessment, the then Governor of the central bank in consultation with the national and international stakeholders decided to take the bank into conservatorship and immediately appointed me as Conservator in accordance with article 55 of the Banking Law of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Background presented by Masood Khan Musa Ghazi:

Start of text:

"On April 20, 2011 Kabul Bank was split into two entities, good bank and bad bank. The good bank was named New Kabul Bank and subsequently I was appointed as CEO of the New Kabul Bank on April 20, 2011, bad bank went into receivership.


Also, as per the law and at Governor of the Central Bank’s instructions, I investigated Kabul Bank shareholders and managed to get their acknowledgement for tens of millions of dollars which were misappropriated by them and this instigated their anger against me. On April 27, 2011, I accompanied Governor of the Central Bank and Deputy Minister of Finance in a Parliamentary testimony.  During the testimony before the main floor of the Lower House of the Parliament, at the request of the members of the parliament and at the Governor’s instruction, I announced the names of high value debtors of Kabul Bank including disclosure of President Karzai’s brother and the First Vice President brother debts to Kabul Bank.  Further, I presented a detailed list of the amounts that they had allegedly siphoned off from Kabul Bank under fictitious names and fraudulent documents.  


Under pressure by President Karzai and a high level political committee established at the Presidential Palace, the special court deciding on Kabul Bank issue wrongfully and unfairly convicted me and other staffs of the Central Bank of unfounded accusations that we had never committed.  The court never looked at my evidences against the Government Prosecutor’s accusations and never processed transparently the evidences we provided to the court and thus the Karzai's regime not only defended his brother and First vice president brother and all other shareholders who provided financial and political assistance to President Karzai during 2009 elections, but also provided them debts waivers.


Using his political power, President Hamid Karzai and the high-level political committee pressured the corrupt Special Prosecution team and the KB Special Court to unfairly try me and other innocent employees of the Central Bank.

The Special Courts decision was so shocking, awkward, unfair and unjust that forced the UN Secretory General, Ban Ki Moon to react and express his deep concern over the Special Court’s verdict and its impartiality. Also, the Kabul-based Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, MEC issued a statement severely criticizing the Special Court Decision."

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According to the reports, the government intervention into Kabul Bank's affairs was reportedly approved by President Karzai after he was briefed on the bank's irregularities. The bank enjoys close connections to Karzai and not only through his brother, Mahmood, who reportedly owns US $ 22 Millions, more than 7 percent of its shares. The bank has reportedly provided 4 Million dollars to President Karzai's 2009 presidential reelection campaign, for which Feruzi Feroozi worked as an adviser. For that Kabul Bank got 430,000 government accounts and from those accounts the bank made a profit of $4m a month.

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