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Kabul Water supply project

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Officials from the Ministry of Water and Power (MoEW) have stated that a water supply project, spanning 120 kilometers, will extend from the Bazarak area in Panjshir to the Tarakhail area in the east of Kabul. According to a statement from the department, a survey is being conducted by the Department of Survey and Design of the Taliban’s Ministry of Water and Power. These are two cubic meters of water which are sufficient for approximately two million people. Currently, the population of Kabul is roughly between 4.5 to 5.5 million people, and this is not sufficient for the residents of Kabul,” said Mohammad Arif Momand, Head of Survey and Design at MoEW. According to MoEW, transferring water from the Panjshir River to Kabul will cost about $170 million, which will be funded by the ministry's budget. In a recent meeting with the delegation from the Department of Survey and Design Development and the head of the Turkish SKM construction company, the Governor of Panjshir stated his willingness to collaborate in any way necessary for the successful implementation of the project.(20240331)


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