Afghan Biographies

Kakar, Jawed Noorzad

Name Kakar, Jawed Noorzad
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Roshan Afghanistan Online University admin Head
History and Biodata

1. Roshan Afghanistan Online University ROA University, private:
Abdul Khalid Ahadi, Founder member of RAO University
Fatima Saneem, Ph.D , Honorary Professort at ROA
Nandy Debasih, Ph.D., Adviser at RA
Dr. Sayed Nooroddin Alavi, Chancellor of RAO University
Farhad Arianfar Founder member of RAO University

2. Previous Function:
Roshan Afghanistan Online University admin Head (20240114)

3. Biodata:
Ahmad Jawed Kakar Noorzad has been detained by the Taliban in Kabul since Thursday, Jan. 11, sources report.




Roshan Afghanistan Online University was established in December 2022, in response to the Taliban’s ban on women’s university education. It was founded with the support of Afghan and international academics. University officials claim they have enabled over 7,000 women and girls, who were denied educational opportunities, to receive free education.


Last Modified 2024-01-14
Established 2024-01-14