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Abdul-Samad Qazizada

Name Abdul-Samad Qazizada
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
History and Biodata

According to local officials, the Iqra Township, built with financial assistance from Islamic scholar Abdul-Samad Qazizada for earthquake sufferers in Herat’s Zinda Jan region, has been inaugurated.

Qazizada told Bakhtar News Agency that these houses were built with the assistance of generous persons for the support of people affected by deadly earthquake in Herat.

These houses consist of two rooms, a corridor, a kitchen, and a bathroom. In addition, a mosque and a water reservoir have been built in the township at a total cost of 30 million Afghanis.

Abdulwahab Ajmal Qazizada son of Abdulsamad Qazizada was born in laghman province in an educational family, i studied high school in Alishang velige and studied computer science faculty in sheikh zaid universty khost province,

now i am working in a civil society organization,

i am married and i have a sweet daughter Neda Qazizada,


“The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) orders that education is obligatory for men and women Muslims, without specifying which part is obligatory. When the prophet (PBUH) says that education is obligatory, I don’t think there will be any space for various or opposing views in this regard that would make someone say that education is not Mubah (permissible),” said Abdul Samad Qazizada, an Islamic cleric.



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