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Ghazanfar Bank

Name Ghazanfar Bank
Ethnic backgr.
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Function/Grade Shareholders Board of Supervision Board of Management
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Background Ghazanfar Bank:

Share Holders: * Mr. Mohmmad Ismail Ghazanfar * Mr. Mohmmad Ibrahim Ghazanfar * Mr. Mohmmad Yusouf Ghazanfar * Mr. Mohmmad Osman Ghazanfar * Ms. Husn Bano Ghazanfar

Members Board of Supervision:
* Mr. Haji Mohammad Ismail Ghazanfar, Chairman. * Mr. Mohammad Osman Ghazanfar,
Vice Chairman.
* Dr. Theo Metzen, Member. * Mr. Mohammed Ashraf Yadgari, Member. * Dr. Abdul Qayum Arif Members of Board of Management: * Jyoti Maitra,
Chief Executive Officer * Ravinder Singh Yadav, Ahmed Zia Quraishi, Ahmed Siar Khoreishi (20130614)
Chief Operations Officer
* K. A. Sivasankaran, Chief Financial Officer

Ghazanfar Bank has been set up by a leading business house of Afghanistan which is in the forefront of Business and philanthropic activities in the country. It commenced commercial business from March, 2009 from Kabul main office after securing commercial banking license from the Central Bank of Afghanistan. The bank is currently spreading its branches in other locations such as Mazar, Hairatan, Kunduz, Pul-e Khumri and Thakar. The bank started with an impressive initial capital of US Dollar 11 million. The share-holders of the Bank are well known, being the champions in their respective fields of business, industry, education, politics and media communication. Ghazanfar Bank’s management team consists of experienced bankers, financial analysts, qualified accountants and risk managers with considerable expertise in all facets of banking including traditional banking, specialized skill in handling advising and counselling on foreign exchange transactions, merchant banking, retail and wholesale banking, investment banking and international trade. Corporate Mission Ghazanfar Bank is a profit focused bank dedicated to the common objective of providing the highest quality service to our customers and clients in Afghanistan and around the world.

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