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Four Trustees:
Shah Mehrabi, a U.S. academic who also remains on the Afghan central bank's Supreme Council, Swiss foreign ministry official Alexandra Baumann, U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland Scott Miller, Anwar Ahady, a former Afghan central bank chief .

The Afghan Trust Fund in Switzerland has generated more than $100 million in interest that will be utilized for monetary stability, said a member of the trust fund board, Shah Mohammad Mehrabi.

The Afghan Trust Fund was established in September 2022 in Switzerland.

“The funds were transferred to the bank of international settlement to the benefit of Afghan people. The fund has generated an interest of over hundred million which will be utilized for monetary stability, specifically to achieve foreign exchange rate and price stabilization objectives in Afghanistan,” Mehrabi said.

“The fund will also provide liquidity and eventually return the assets to the Afghanistan’s Central Bank, subject to full compliance not unite, anti-money laundering and counter financing terrorism control and regulations in addressing capacity building issues by Da Afghanistan Bank.”

The Islamic Emirate once again called on the US to fully release the Afghan foreign reserves.

“The assets of Afghanistan which have been frozen by the US is an oppression (action). These assets should returned to Afghanistan as soon as possible and should be handed over to the people of Afghanistan. We are hoping to have good relations with the world countries,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, Islamic Emirate’s Spokesman.

“The frozen assets of Afghanistan are for the people of Afghanistan. The US should release the assets of the people of Afghanistan so that our people can improve and use this assets for economic development,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy Minister of Economy.

“These assets support the value of Afghan currency and can help with foreign transaction,” said Seyar Qureshi, an economist.

More than $9 billion Afghan assets abroad have been frozen, with $7 billion of them held by the US.(20230414)


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