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Bibi Hawa School Jalalabad

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Bibi Hawa Girls High School
26000 Jalalabad, Street Reg-e-Shamard Khan, Behsood district, Afghanistan
Hawa is an Arabic-originated Muslim name, Hawa name best meaning is Longing, (kiswahili origin ) in English

Principal of Bibi Hawa School in Jalalabad:
Mrs. Saifora Malakzai (2016)
Mrs. Saif (20180605)

Bibi Hawa Girls’ School in Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan, is among the premier schools in the country. Its 6,500 students have safe water and sanitation facilities, a computer lab, a tennis club, a playground, and a reputation for high pass rates and good grades in the final Grade 12 exam. Teachers with infants can also concentrate on providing a quality education knowing that their toddlers are safely cared for in the school’s on-site crèche.

At Bibi Hawa School the ECD class is held in a former guard hut, converted to accommodate 35 children. In the small room home-made posters line the walls and the children jostle for their teacher’s attention to have their turn to demonstrate that they can write their names on the chalkboard.(20170417)

German Aid for Afghan Children (GAAC) has donated 195 solar home systems to teachers of the Bibi Hawa Girls High School in Jalalalabad, Nangahar. The systems were installed by Zularistan Ltd. in July 2017.


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