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Pakistan-Afghanistan Dosti bus service was suspended in June 2016 after Pakistani and Afghan border security forces exchanged heavy gunfire over Afghanistan’s ‘angry’ reaction to the construction of a gate by Pakistan in the latter’s territorial limits. The decision on the resumption of bus service was made after a series of ministerial level contacts and meetings between the two countries since July 2022. The bus service had three major objectives of promoting greater people-to-people contacts, exploring greater business opportunities and facilitating trade between the two countries. 40 luxury buses would ply between Peshawar and Jalalabad with commuters strictly following the visa protocols agreed upon by the two countries.

Meanwhile, a handful of taxi drivers and social activists staged a demonstration against the bus service at the Bacha Khan Chowk in Landi Kotal Bazaar on Thursday January 26, 2023..

The cabbies insisted that the resumption of Dosti bus service would hit them hard as they would lose a large number of commuters to the initiative.They added that the bus service would render many of them jobless causing serious financial problems for their families.

The Dosti Bus Service was initiated in March 2006 on a trial basis and then it was formally launched on May 26 the same year with 1,300 buses. The service was then facilitating around 1,000 people on a daily basis but was terminated six years ago due to the tense situation between the governments.


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