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Ghalib, Habibullah Prof. (died)

Name Ghalib, Habibullah Prof. (died)
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1939
Function/Grade Ex Minister
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Habibullah Ghaleb:
Deputy Attorney General in the Kingdom of Afghanistan,
Adviser to the President (20011119),
Member of the Judical Reform Commission (20021102),
Minister of Justice (20100100 -20140320)

3. Biodata:
ghalib_habibullahHabibullah Ghalib Habibullah Galeb Habibullah Galib, born in Kohistan district of central Kapisa province in 1939, is the son of Muhammad Umar. He received preliminary education from the Gulbahar School and Imam Abdul Hanifa Seminary. He graduated from the Sharia Faculty of Kabul University in 1962. Five years later, between 1967 and 1969 he did his Masters in Sharia and Comparative Fiqh from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. He did his M.A. in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, and thereafter registered -- as a Ph.D., candidate -- his Dissertation titled "The Legality of Crime and Punishment", only to return to Afghanistan at the request of the Ministry of Justice. He served the Ministry of Justice for two years before proceeding to Egypt for higher studies.

On completion of studies, he rejoined the ministry and worked there until 1978, when he was detained in the wake of the Soviet invasion. Freed two years later, he migrated to Pakistan, where he stayed until 1994. Deputy attorney-general from 1994 to 1995, he served as legal advisor to the ministry besides holding membership of the Judicial Advisory Board at the Presidential Palace. Ghalib spent several years in the USA during the Taliban time.

Wolesi Jirga rejected Habibullah Ghaleb 2006 as the ninth member of the Supreme Court by a vote of 88 in favor, 88 against, and three abstentions the (20060823). Ghalib got a vote of confidence as Minister of Justice in Wolesi Jirga January 2010 (115 for, 99 against, 8 blank, 1 invalid).

He is rumored to be loyal to both the Ex-King’s family and Mojadedi. However - Minister Prof. Ghalib is someone recognized as an "independent" Jurist and Law Expert with nearly 40 years of official practice to his credit, both on national scale and beyond. From a professional point of view he does not have any known loyalties of any type to any one.

Minister of Justice Habibullah Ghalib died after prolonged ailment. (20140320)

He speaks Dari, Pashtu and English.

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