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The Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid, on International Anti-Corruption Day, said the Anti-Corruption Commission Anti Corruption Department will resume its work soon, according to sources, whose operation has been suspended.

Mujahid addresses financial issues as the main reason why the commission has suspended its operation.

“If there was a need for an anti-corruption department, we have it already,” he said.  “Because of economic challenges it has been suspended.”

According to the spokesperson, the government offices are free of corruption under their leadership since the last August 2021.

“As far as the fight against corruption is concerned, there is currently no corruption in the offices,” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan citizens called on the current leadership to fight against corruption in the country, saying the problem has not been completely removed from the system.

“In the current government, the level of corruption is very low but it’s not zero,” said Ahmad Zia, a Kabul resident, as local media quoted.

“In some departments there is no corruption, and it will solve the problems of the people a little bit,” said Bakht Munir, another Kabul resident.

The Taliban leadership said they were committed to removing corruption from the government departments from the first day of their takeover, adding they completely have removed corruption from the government departments.


Last Modified 2022-12-11
Established 2022-12-11