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Haidari, Batool Mrs.

Name Haidari, Batool Mrs.
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1986
Function/Grade Women's rights activist
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Mrs. Batool Haidari was born 1986 in Kabul, Afghanistan. She has a PHD in clinical psychology. 

Renata Fonta Award in 2023. The woman received inspiration from a feminist organization in Italy to fight violence against women. Batool is a member of the English Pen, 
She immigrated to England at the end of 2023, and she is currently living in a city in England with her family.

Her husband owned a carpet factory,  She is a writer and researcher in the field of women, a clinical psychologist and therapist. Women's rights activist. Member of Afghanistan Women's Political Participation Network.

Haidari was among the many women who fled the Taliban, fearing a return to the practices of their previous rule in the late 1990s, including largely barring girls and women from education and work. She reached Rome at the end of 2021, after a daring escape through Pakistan aided by Italian volunteers who arranged for her and her family to be hosted in the Italian capital's suburbs.

Haidari and her husband are studying Italian in Rome being financially supported by various associations. She keeps in touch with feminist organizations back home in Afghanistanand tries to maintain contact with some of her patients via the internet.

Now that the Haidari family is in Italy and gradually getting asylum, their priority is to secure for them official recognition of their university degrees or other qualifications that will help them find dignified employment.

She ist married. She has a 18-year-old son and two daughters, aged 13 and 8. (20221210)

She speaks Dari and English

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Established 2022-12-11