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Herat Maternity Hospital Razaei Maternity Hospital Herat:
Dr. Saeeda Saeed, deputy director Herat Maternity Hospital (20221031)


Saeed said the lack of public awareness of the rules in the hospital is one of the biggest problems in their work, and people are asked to inform themselves about the rules of the hospital and follow all the regulations so that they don’t face any problems.

Melina Heidari, one of the gynecologists, said that the patient needed complete peace and sympathy during childbirth, therefore, a safe place and a necessary resting place should be prepared for her.

She stated that the current waiting room of Women’s Maternity Hospital is not a standard, and this hospital is also facing a shortage of staff and beds, and there is a need to take serious measures to provide better services and reach the patients.

According to the statistics of Herat Maternity Hospital, in the past month, at least 2,500 births were performed in this hospital and 500 caesarean sections were recorded.(20221031)


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Established 2022-11-01