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Abu Ali Ibn Sina Hospital KUMS

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Abu Ali Ibn Sina

Kabul University of Medical Sciences Abu Ali Ibn Sina

Kabul University of Medical Sciences KUMS

Head of Kabul Medical Science University:
Fazal Rahman Rahmani (20221005)



An Afghan doctor has conducted the first coronary artery bypass surgery at the Kabul Medical Science University (Abu Ali Ibn Sina Abu Ali al-Husain Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina).

The officials at the center said that heart disease is on the rise in the country and that there should be further attention paid to the issue. 

They also expressed concern over the lack of medical equipment at the university  

“Important ventilators, x-ray and bypass machines have been purchased. We call for assistance with this important equipment, which we do not have here,” said Fazal Rahman Rahmani, head of Kabul Medical Science University.

“There are also problems with the shortage of equipment, medicine and the shortage of materials. We call on all aid organizations to help us in this regard,” said Abdul Kabir, head of the Institute of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Higher Education (MoHE), Abdul Baqi Haqqani, called on academic figures to return to the country. 

“The main thing is that our people and officials should make efforts themselves. These efforts are important for the development the country,” he said. 

The officials of the Kabul Medical Science University said that the Afghans are investing millions of dollars abroad to treat their heart diseases.


Last Modified 2022-10-06
Established 2022-10-06