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Giro District Ghazni Province

Name Giro District Ghazni Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Gero District Chief Ghazni Province:
Fazal Rahman Nazarwal (20100408),
Abdullah Khair Khan (20140806)
Abdullah Khairkhwah (20180205)

Giro District Police Chief:
Abdul Ghafoor Marjankhel, killed in bomb blast (20210509) Marjankhel was the third district police chief killed in Ghazni within the past one month.


The Giro District is located within southeastern Ghazni Province in Afghanistan, 50 km South East of Ghazni. The district is a wide plain with scattered low mountains. More than 40 000 residents are estimated, according to 2002 year's data (100% Pashtun). The district center is Pana.
As the other districts in this area, it is seriously affected by the continuing drought. Harvests have been decreasing in recent years, and agriculture is the primary source of income. The roads are in bad condition. The health and education services need a lot of improvement.

More Background:
Of 19 districts in Ghazni, only Jaghori, Jaghato, Waghaz, Andar, Nahor, Qarabagh and Ab-Band districts have their chiefs present at district centers, while Ajiristan, Malistan, Gilan, Nawa, Muqur, Giro, Bahram Shahid, Wali Mohammad Shahid, Rashidan, Khwaja Omari, Zana Khan and Deh Yak districts have no chiefs so far.(20160525)

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