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Commander of Kandahar air force:
Mawlavi Fathullah Mansouri (20220402)

The Air Force of Afghanistan, currently the Islamic Emirate Air Force, is the aerial warfare branch of the military of Afghanistan.

Following the withdrawal of NATO forces in the summer of 2021, in addition to a large-scale offensive by the Taliban, the mostly non-functional Air Force largely disintegrated. This culminated in the Fall of Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani fleeing to the United Arab Emirates. Large numbers of airmen either fled the country or stood down in the face of the Taliban, with many fixed and rotary-wing aircraft being destroyed or captured by the Taliban. Many other fixed and rotary-wing aircraft had flown to neighboring countries. It was reported that 46 aircraft (22 fixed-wing and 24 helicopters) have so far ended up at Termez Airport in Uzbekistan. After the takeover, Taliban expressed their intention to rebuild Afghan Air Force and had called US-trained Afghan pilots to return to Afghanistan.(20220402)

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