Afghan Biographies

Haqqani, Abdul Hakim

Name Haqqani, Abdul Hakim
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1967
Function/Grade Chief Justice acting
History and Biodata

1. Former Chief Justice:
Abdul Hakim Haqqani (20211015) with Sheikh Maulvi Muhammad Qasim Turkman and Sheikh Maulvi Abdul Malik serving as his aides.(20211015)

Maulvi Qasim Turkman, Haqqani’s aide, is from the Turkan tribe and is well-known among his tribe as a member of the Rehbari Shura. He has also held different positions inside the movement, including participation in the previous shadow government’s self-accountability process.

Turkman has also worked as a member of the Qatar office and has participated in negotiations with the United States, China, and Russia.

Deputy Chief Justice:
Abdul Malik, Abdul Malek Haqqani the second aide, is in his late 40s and is from Kandahar province. He had not previously been known as a significant member of the Taliban ranks. Still, he was promoted to chief of the eastern region when the Taliban divided the country into three administrative regions. Malik is well-versed in the Holy Qur’an, Islamic law, and fiqh.

2. Previous Function:
Chief justice Supreme Court in the 1996–2001 Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Chief Justice (20211015) acting

3. Biodata:
Shaikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani Abdul Hakeem Haqqani was born 1967. He is one of the founders of the Taliban. From the Taliban point of view, he has a special scientific status.(20220201) Believed to be close to Supreme Commander Akhunzada, he headed the Taliban’s negotiating team in charge of the peace talks with the former U.S.-backed government.

Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai, also known as Abdul Hakim Haqqani and Abdul Hakim Sharie, is an Afghan Islamic scholar, writer and the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan since 2021 and Minister of Justice.

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Established 2022-02-02