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Fruzi, Khalil Ferozi Firozi Frozi Khalilullah

Name Fruzi, Khalil Ferozi Firozi Frozi Khalilullah
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Kabul Bank Chief Executive Officer
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Shareholder of Pamir Airways, an Afghan carrier, owned by Farnood, Fruzi and Fahim,
Shareholder and Chief Executive Officer Kabul Bank,

3. Biodata:
fruzi_khalilullahKhalil Fruzi Ferozi Ferozi in the late nineteen-nineties, working for the legendary anti-Taliban commander Ahmed Shah Massoud, sold emeralds mined in the crags of the Panjshir Valley and used the proceeds to pay an obscure Russian company to print truckloads of Afghan currency. In this way, he helped underwrite Massoud’s movement. But, according to a Massoud associate, the commander became enraged when he discovered that Ferozi was helping to print currency for the Taliban as well. Ferozi denied the story and went on to become Kabul’s most improbable C.E.O. With a body like an oil drum, and a retinue of gunmen around him, he prowls the streets of Kabul looking less like a banker than like a footballer lost in a war zone. Khalilullah Fruzi, who as chief executive heads Kabul bank's day-to-day operations is a former gem trader. Khurasan Security Services, which, according to registration documents, used to be controlled by Fruzi and is now run by his brother. Soviet Union. Fruzi is a shareholder (28%) of Kabul Bank.

Fruzi got his education and his start in business there after Moscow invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Khalilullah Fruzi joined the Karzai Campaign during Presidential Election 2009 served as a financial adviser to Karzai's reelection campaign and also owns a house in Dubai. Also in London for the Afghanistan conference were Farnood, who now has an Afghan diplomatic passport, and Fruzi: "If there is no Kabul Bank, there will be no Karzai, no government," Fruzi said. (Washington Post 20100222) Top Afghan banking officials from Afghanistan Central Bank demanded , that Frozi and Kabul Bank Chairman Sherkhan Sher Khan Shir Khan Farnood Farnud resign, New York Times said. Afghan and U.S. officials concluded Frozi and Farnood engaged in reckless management of the institution, handing out millions of dollars to people connected to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and losing money on poor investments. Depositors have taken out $180 million in the past two days and Frozi, the bank's chief financial officer, said if withdrawals persist at that rate the bank may well fail.

Among those under suspicion for allegedly receiving money from Kabul Bank are Finance Minister Omar Zakhilwal, Education Minister Farouk Wardak and former Interior Minister Hanif Atmar, Afghan and U.S. officials said.

Sherkhan Farnood and Khalilullah Ferozi, the bank's former chairman and chief executive, had initially been held under a loose form of house arrest in Kabul but had now been taken into detention by the National Directorate of Security NDS (20110701).

Sherkhan Farnood and Khalilullah Ferozi, the bank's former chairman and chief executive, had initially been held under a loose form of house arrest in Kabul but had now been taken into detention by the National Directorate of Security NDS (20110701).

Sher Khan Farnood, who was accused of embezzlement of over US $ 500 million and imprisoned, was released on Saturday. Based on reports Mr Farnood’s dossier has been closed and he was cleared of all allegations.(20110912) Deputy Attorney-General Rahmatullah Nazari said that his office has released the former head of Kabul Bank, Sher Khan Farnood, and his deputy, Khalillullah Feroozi, to collect and return all the money they are accused of embezzling. He added that they both are under police close supervision and if they fail to return the money within 50 days, they will be put again in jail and their dossiers will be sent to court. Head of the High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption Azizullah Ludin said that President Karzai and the First Vice-President in a meeting had last Wednesday with him and the Attorney-General, decided to release former deputy head of Kabul Bank Khalillullah Feroozi to return the money he embezzled instead of keeping him in a cell (20110913)

The restrictions on former Kabul Bank chairman Sherkhan Farnood, and former chief executive Khalilullah Ferozi, already appear to have eased. They were arrested and imprisoned this summer, but recently have moved to a day release schedule, and have even been seen eating in Kabul's only five-star hotel. In June 2011 Ferozi told the Guardian that he would not co-operate on asset recovery if he was convicted of a crime. And in an email sent at about the same time, Farnood threatened to reveal "many cases and documents regarding· Mahmood Karzai and Karzai's family and their businesses. Hamid Karzai [knew] about these problems and deliberately did not assist to resolve, I believe he has political and financial interest," he wrote.(20111116) Fruzi and his Family are mostly living in Dubai, UAE.

The government in an unexpected move launched the "Smart City Township" project on Wednesday in which Khalilullah Ferozi, one of the biggest convicts in Kabul Bank scandal, shares a big part in the project - worth over $900 million USD. The project was launched in a special ceremony attended by President Ashraf Ghani's legal adviser Abdul Ali Mohammadi, Ghani's special representative for reform and good governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud and other government officials.(20151106) 

However President Ashraf Ghani terminated the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Khalilullah Ferozi who had been convicted by the court on the charge of embezzlement and did not meet legal conditions for the contract. The government signed an MoU on the township project with Ferozi and Nabizada Wardak Ltd in order to accelerate the process of recovering loans from the debtors. President Ghani ordered the authorities concerned to assess legal aspects of the contract with the convicted person, a statement from the Presidential Palace said.(20151108)

Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday Aug 20, 2019  questioned President Ashraf Ghani over the release of Khalilullah Ferozi, a former bank manager convicted of multimillion-dollar fraud.

The president’s spokesman said that Ferozi was moved into house arrest after the judiciary system looked into his health. He said that the move was to help ensure that Ferozi would stay alive to repay the hundreds of millions of dollars. He rejected claims that the move was in exchange for President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai's presidential election campaign donation of US $ 30 Mio.

Fruzi speaks Dari, Pashtu, Russian and English.

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