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Afghanistan Zoorkhaneh Federation

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Head Afghanistan Zoorkhaneh Sports Federation:
Iqbal Ahmad Manoucheher, (202220102)

Ahmad Samim Niazi, member of the Afghan national team (20220102)
Hakimullah Beg, member of the team (20220102)

The Afghan Pahlevani and Zoorkhaneh Rituals (wrestling) team will travel to Iran to participate in an international competition in Isfahan, the Afghanistan Zoorkhaneh Federation said. (20220102)

Traditional Iranian wrestling (koshti) dates back to ancient Persia and was said to have been practiced by Rustam, mythological Iranian hero of the Shahnameh epic. While folk styles were practiced for sport by every ethnic group in various provinces, grappling for combat was considered the particular specialty of the zourkhāneh. The original purpose of these institutions was to train men as warriors and instill them with a sense of national pride in anticipation for the coming battles.The Mithrāic design and rituals of these academies bear testament to its Parthian origin (132 BCE – 226 CE). The zourkhaneh system of training is what is now known as varzesh-e bastani, and its particular form of wrestling was called koshti pahlevani, after the Parthian word pahlevan meaning hero

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