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Spokesman of the Afghanistan Media Organization:
Samim Forough Faizi (20211130)
3. Biodata:
Samim Frogh Faizi was born 1990 in Ghazni. He started out as a journalist in the central province of Ghazni and then worked his way into a job in Kabul--a major professional achievement. He worked for Roidadha news agency. He is married to Farahnaz Frogh and has a daughter.

Afghanistan Media Organization was established 20211125 in Kabul at a time when the situation of media and journalists in the country is fragile. A group of journalists, came together to support real media and journalists. To gather them under a single umbrella and to have a specific address for Afghan journalists. Although many national and international organizations operate under the guise of supporting the media and journalists in Afghanistan, today it is the journalists who are being misused and sold. A group of journalists gathered at the Afghanistan Media Organization to have a specific address and to fight against those entities which misuse the names of journalists. On the one hand, we can communicate with the de facto government and, on the other hand, we can be in contact with the international institutions, supporting the media and journalists. Afghanistan Media Organization is currently working on a database to list journalists from across the country to identify and support real journalists. Afghanistan Media Organization has been established to prevent the misuse of journalists’ names and identities in the country.

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