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Head of the Motorcycling Federation:
Sayed Nabiullah Sadat (20211120)


Afghanistan become a member of the International Motorcycling Federation one year ago (2020) but due to lack of facilities, there has been no progress in this area.

Some motorcycle racers called on the physical education Institutions and the National Olympic Committee to launch racing competition at a national level where they can put their skills to practice in order to be prepared for the international competition.  

“We are part of the Olympics, but there are no facilities for us. We do not have proper grounds, we do not have sport clothes. No one has given us a motorcycle yet,” said Noor Ahmad Akhunzada, a member of the national motorcycling team. 

“We do not have a proper training place. We ask them to provide us a place so that we can make jumps,” said Sayed Shafiullah Hashemi, a member of the team. 

Since the collapse the former government this is the first motorcycle race exercise held under the supervision of the motorcycle federation in the country. 

The General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports said that it was trying to find solutions for the problems laid ahead of the athletes. 

“We have solved the problems of every federation on time. We will do our best to help them become better,” said Mohammad Azim Saber, head of the National Olympic Committee’s office. 

Currently, more than 500 motorcycle racers are active in the motorcycling federation in 15 of 34 provinces.


Last Modified 2021-11-21
Established 2021-11-21