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Amanuddin Mansoor

Name Amanuddin Mansoor
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade 217th Omari Corps Commander
History and Biodata

1. Former 217th Omari Corps Head ( ex Commander 217th Pamir Corps):
Gen Nabiullah Mirzayi Nabiullah Merzaee (former Chief of Staff of Special Operations Corps) (20190411)
BrigGen Mohammad Ali Yazdani (20200519, 20201009)
Rahmatullah Mohammad (20211004)
Qari Aminullah Tayeb, commander of the Taliban 217th Omari Army Corps in the Northeast Zone (20221022)
Mullah Agha Mohammad Ibrahim (20230625)
Mawlawi Amanuddin Mansour, Amanuddin Mansoor (20230626)

Chief of Staff:
Mohammad Shafiq (20211004)

Deputy Commander:
Mohammad Ismail Turkman (20211004)
Mullah Agha Mohammad Ibrahim (20230626)

Commander Kunduz Brigade:
Ahmad Nasir (20211004)

Commander Baghlan Brigade:
Qari Shakir (20211004)

Commander Badakhshan Brigade:
Qari Abdul Rahman (20211004) and one of his bodyguards have reportedly been injured in a clash.(20211227)

Commander Takhar Brigade:
Qari Aminullah Tayeb (20211004)

Commander of 3rd Brigade of 217 Pamir Army Corps:
Brig Gen Abbas Tawakoli Tawakuli (20210610, 20210705)

The 217th Corps of the Afghan Military was formally inaugurated in Northeast of Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Deputy defense minister Gen. Hilaluddin Hilal said the 20th Pamir Division in Kunduz province has upgraded to 217th Pamir Corps and Gen. Nabiullah Mirzayi, the former Chief of Staff of Special Operations Corps has been introduced as its commander. Gen. Hilal said the establishment of 217th Pamir Corps in Northeast of Afghanistan is a positive and effective step to provide security and defend the residents of north-eastern parts of the country. Defense officials said the new corps has two brigades. Military experts are skeptical about the ability of the corps to help security in the northeastern parts of the country. (20190411)

The Army Chief of Staff has confirmed that the 217th Pamir Corps in Kunduz province will be merged with the 209th Shaheen Corps in Balkh province.(2010313)

2. Previous Function Amanuddin Mansour:

Provincial Governor Badakhshan

217th Omari Corps Commander (20230626)


3. Biodata:

Mawlawi Amanuddin Mansour

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Established 2021-11-08