Afghan Biographies

Hamza, Wali Jan

Name Hamza, Wali Jan
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade 313 Kabul Korps Commander
History and Biodata

1. 313 Kabul Corps Former Commander 201st Corps “SILAB” (Flood) Kabul:
Maj. Gen. Mooen (200502),
Maj. Gen. Haj Sher Alam,
Maj. Gen. Mohammad Mangal (20080526),
Maj Gen Raheem Wardak
Maj Gen. Muhammad Afzal (20091012)

Lt Gen Mohammad Zaman Waziri (20120706, 20150815, 20160429)
Maj Gen Abdul Hadi Tarin (20190723, 20200304)
Gen Abdul Jabbar (20210108)
Mawlawi Hamdullah Mukhlis (20211005) killed (20211102)
Wali Jan Hamza (20211107)

Brig Gen Yar Mohammad Saedi (20100920)

Deputy Kabul Corps:
Mawlawi Nusrat (20211005)

Chief of Staff Kabul Corps:
Qari Baryal (20211005)

Spokesman for the 201st Army Corps:
Colonel Mohammad Numan Hatifi Noman Hatifi (20110918, 20160116)
Col. Gul Rahman Roshanger (20140127)

Other officers 201st Corps:
Chief of Staff:
Col Abdul Melek, (20100920)
Brig. Gen. Abdul Malik (20150102)
Executive Officer :
Maj Gen Ghulam Haider (till 20100920)

A new fourth Afghan National Army (ANA) brigade of the 201st Selab Military Corps will be stationed in the eastern province of Nuristan. (20120706) The new brigade would be deployed as part of security transition in 25 districts of six provinces from coalition troops to Afghan forces.
Commander 111st Division (Capital Division):
Kadam Shah Shaheen Qadam Shah Shaheen (20110430, 20140526)

Commander 1st Inf  Bde 201 Corps , FOB Gamberi Garrison near Jalalabad,  Nangahar Province, Logar and Maidan-Wardak 
Brig Gen Abul Razaq Safi, (20100920)
Commander of the 2nd Bde. of 201st Military Corps Kunar:
Brig Imam Nazar,
Commander 3rd Inf Bde 201 Corps, Surobi:
Brig Gen Amam Nazar Mahboob (20100920), Brig. Gen. Nazar Mohammad (20120412)
Commander 4th Inf Bde 201 Corps, Logar:
General Raziq Sapai (20181017) injured in the opposition bombing (20181017)

The 201st Corps headquartered at Pol-e-Charkhi, near Kabul. 1st Brigade is at the Presidential Palace. 3rd Brigade, at Pol-e-Chakri, is to be a mechanised formation including M-113s and Soviet-built main battle tanks. Later information from places most of the 3rd Brigade at Jalalabad, 2nd Brigade at Pol-e-Charkhi, and only a single battalion of 1st Brigade at the Presidential Palace.

The Corps is charged with operation in eastern Afghanistan, including Kabul, Lowgar, Kapisa, Konar, and Laghman. It’s battlespace includes the Afghan capital of Kabul as well as vital routes running north and south, and valleys leading from the Pakistani border into Afghanistan. Currently the 3rd Brigade of the 201st Corps is the only unit that has control of an area of responsibility in Afghanistan without the aid or assistance of U.S. or coalition forces.

Operational is 1st Commando Kandak 201st Korps, which is tasked by the USA-Forces. All Commando Kandaks are composed, equipped and trained like USA-Special Forces Btn.'s.

Location: 201st Corps HQ Kabul City (Kabul Province). 111st "Capital Division" (20090421) Kabul City (Kabul Province), with First Brigade and Second Brigade (both forming) as well as a Headquarters Special Security Brigade. 1st Brigade UF 1st Infantry Battalion 4th Combat Support Battalion 5th Combat Service Support Battalion Garrison Support Unit 2nd Brigade 1st Infantry Battalion Headquarters Security Support Brigade – Kabul A Infantry Battalion B Infantry Battalion Counter Narcotics Battalion 1st Bde 201st Corps Pul-e Alam (Pulialam, Logar Province).

AOR Central Zone:
Logar, Maydan/Wardek, Kapisa, Bamyan, Parwan, Panjsher provinces.
1st Infantry Battalion - Kapisa 2nd Infantry Battalion 3rd Infantry Battalion - Kapisa 4th Combat Support Battalion – Wardak (D30 howitzers) 5th Combat Service Support Battalion 6th Infantry Battalion Garrison Support Unit 2nd Bde 201st Corps - Pol-e-Charki, Kabul
AOR Eastern Zone:
Nangahar, Nuristan, Kunar, Laghman provinces 1st Infantry Battalion, Col Sher Zaman Waziri (killed by missile in Kunar 20120527)  2nd Infantry Battalion - Kunar, Lt. Col. Ismatullah 3rd Infantry Battalion 4th Combat Support Battalion – Laghman, Col. Mohammed Jan 5th Combat Service Support Battalion – Nangahar, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Qauoom Gurbaz 6th Infantry Battalion CM3 Garrison Support Unit 3rd Bde 201st Corp Jalalabad (Nangahar Province), Bde Cdr: Brig Gen Zamarai, born 1965 (20100401) National Quick Reaction Force 1st Infantry Battalion – Deployed to Helmand (20100114) 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion (APC/IFC: M113, BMP1) – Nanghalem Village, Kunar 3rd Armored Battalion (Tanks: T-62) – Jalalabad, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Naseem. 4th Combat Support Battalion - 5th Combat Service Support Battalion Pol-e-Charki, Lieutenant Colonel Shamsuddine Garrison Support Unit


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