Afghan Biographies

Hafiz Mohibullah

Name Hafiz Mohibullah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Consul General in Peshawar Pakistan
History and Biodata

1. Former Peshawar Consul General of Afghanistan in Pakistan: 
Salih Ahmad Sherzai (20101229)
Mr. Eqbal (acting) (20091122)
Sayed Mohammad Ibrahimkhel Ibrahimkhail, Syed Mohammad Ibrahimkhel (20120106-20151215)
Mohammad Humayoon Poyan Afghan consul general in Peshawar
Dr. Abdul Waheed Poyan Abdullah Wahid Poyan (20161109-20180120) killed in attack on Kabul Intercontinental Hotel (20180120)
Moeen Marastial (sacked 20180908)
Muhammad Hashim Niazi (20181008)
Consulate closed (20191000-20191200) In early October, the consulate was closed in protest after the police in Peshawar had removed the Afghan national flag from Firdous Market, which Kabul said is its property. The Afghan market Peshawar was purchased by the Afghan National Bank in 1943 from a local Hindu Chaman Das - who later migrated to India. One registry is done in 1944 and the other in March 1947 according to the records of Peshawar land and revenue office. (Other version: The area of the market is more than 12 kanals (65,340 square feet). The Afghan government purchased half of it in 1946 and the other half in 1947). But the Supreme Court of Pakistan  awarded the same local Zawar Hussain.
Najibullah Ahmadzai (20200300)
Shir Zamin Kunari Shir Zameen Kunari (20210928)
Hafiz Mohibullah (20211029)
Consulate Members:
First Secretary Faridoon Khalil Faridoon Haiderkhel (20191227)

Consulate General of Afghanistan in Peshawar
Gul Mohar Lane, University Town
Tel.: (+92-91) 285 963
Fax: (+92-91) 285 961

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