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Rahmatullah Turkistani was elected as head of the Faryab Provincial Council (20110124)

Final Certified Provincial Council Results: Faryab 23-Dec-09 01:30 PM Vote Order Candidates Name Votes%
1 Ghulam generous (promise) Ghulam Sakhi Javid 9637 4.7% Deputy Speaker (20120923)
2 Seyed Mohammad Khaled Khalid 7948 3.9% was elected into Meshrano Jirga 2010
3 Seyed Farrokh Shah Sayed Farakh Shah Janab 6361 3.1%
4 Mohammad Ebrahim Tynmasi 5436 2.6%
5 Rahmat, Rahmatullah Turkistani 5351 2.6% , PC Chairman, bomb attack apparently aimed at targeting his vehicle in a market place in Khoja Sabz Posh district of Faryab, he was seriously wounded (20101105)
6 Abdolghani 5236 2.5%
7 Mullah Mohammad Nabi 4466 2.2%
8 Moheb Allah 4443 2.2%
9 Mohammad Latif 4425 2.2%
10 Seyed Haji abdol baghi, Haji Abdul Baqi,4367 2.1% Secretary of PC (20100111, 20120923)
11 as if Mohammad Asif Paiman 4120 2.0%,
12 Farishda Bidaky 2617 1.3%
13 Rahimeh Beyhaqi 2380 1.2%
14 Anysha Tayenej 2237 1.1%
15 Dornaj Aimaq born in 1971 1.0%


Biographies of Faryab Provincial Council Members

1. Rahmatullah Turkestani: 
Rahmatullah Turkistani is the son of Abdul Majid. He was born in Ghozari area of Khaja Sabz Posh District of Faryab province in 1967. He graduated from Khorasan High School and passed 14th grade in the field of Economy and Business at Reshad Higher Education Institute in 2012.
He served as group leader, battalion and regiment commander and executive officer of division-200 related to Islamic National Movement Party. During the reign of Mujahideen, he had affiliation with Harakat Party. Currently, he is the member of the National Movement Party and is very close to General Dostum.
Contact: 0799251717
2. Mohammad Sadiq Lawlashi:
Mohammad Sadiq Lawlashi is the son of Haji Sakhi Dad. He was born in Lawlash area of Kohistan District in 1961. His education level is Baccalaureate and has served as National security officer. He had political affiliation with Watan Party but currently he has no political affiliation.
Contact: 0798015340
3. Seyed Abdul Baqi Hashimi:
Seyed Abul Baqi Hashimi son of Seyed Masaaeb was born in Sari Asyab area of Qaisar District in 1961. He has passed the 12th grade and has affiliation with the National Movement Party.
Contact: 0799251818
4. Ghulam Sakhi Navid:
Ghulam Sakhi Navid is the son of Mohammad. He was born in Khaja Ghar Mrghabi area of Gorziwan District in 1975.
He passed his primary education in Kabul and secondary school in Khurasan High School in Mazar Sharif. Currently, he is the third year student of Law and Political Science at Dorokhshan Higher Education Institute in Maimana city. In 2003, he served as head of crime investigation branch in Faryab province. Currently, he has political affiliation with Jamiat Islami Party.
Contact: 0774949670
5. Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Tinmas:
Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Tinmas was born in Qaram Qul District in 1958. He graduated from Pharmacy Faculty of Kabul University. Following completion of military service in 1985, he worked with Andkhoy Public Health Department and North Provinces Pharmacy for two times.
Contact: 0799380316
6. Abdul Ghani Nasrat:
Abdul Ghani Nasrat is the son of Ghulam Haider. He was born in Islam Qala village, Shirin Tagab District of Faryab province in 1957. He graduated English Literature Faculty and served as teacher, principal, member of Control and Audit and as master trainer for education Provincial Program (TEP).
He was also the member of the previous provincial council. Earlier, he had poitical affiliation with People Democratic Party but now he has no political activities.
Contact: 0799650704
7. Mohammad Latif:
Mohammad Latif is the son of Maulvi Olyaqul. He was born in Jarqala Village in Gurziwan District of Faryab. He graduated from Herat Vocational Training College. He served in the field of education, Maimana Mayor and District Governor of Imam Sahib from 2001 to 2007. He served as deputy governor of Faryab in 2002.
Contact: 0772502242
8. Angar Tokhi:
AngarTokhi is the son of Mohammad Dawood. He was born in Maimana city in 1981. He passed his 9th class from Ghousuddin School of Maimana city and then his 11th class in Pakistan. He had private business. Angar Tokhi has no political affiliation with any party but last year he received a letter from Islamic Party in which was introduced as head of Faryab Provincial Council. Angar Tokhi was arrested from his neighbor's house because he is accused of murders in Almar district.. Tokhi has also been accused of handing over arms to the insurgents. Tokhi had also several other cases registered with the police.(20150627)
Contact: 0799595520
9.  Mullah Mohammad Nabi:
Mullah Mohammad Nabi is the son of Mohammad Rostam. He was born in Koh Sayad Village of Shirin Tagab District in Faryab. He completed his education at Darul Hifaz Imam Khatiba in Baghlan Province and for a period of time was busy getting education at Khishti Madrassa.
He is the member of National Movement Party. 
10.  Mrs.  Dornaj Aymaq:
Dornaj Aymaq is the daughter of Mohammad Aymaq. She was born in Sara-e-Qala Vilage of Khaja Sabz Posh district in 1973. He graduated from high school in Kabul and then served as school teacher.
She was elected twice as member of provincial council. In 2012, she achieved her 14th class diploma in the field of business and economy from Reshad Higher Education Institute. Currently, she is busy studying in the field of Law and Political Science at the mentioned Institute.
11.   Mrs. Farishta Bidaki:
Farishta Bidaki is the daughter of Mohammad Akram. She was born in Bedak village of Maimana city in 1984. She completed her 14th grade in the field of trade at Pedagogy Institute in Faryab. Bedaki won two provincial council elections.
Contact: 0799650704
12.   Mrs. Rahima Baihaqi:
Rahima is the daughter of Mirza Abdur Rahman. She was born in Gozer Deh Sidan of Maimana city in 1975. She has BA degree in literature. She served as school teacher and now runs “Support of the Destitute” (Himayat az Binawayan) organization.
Contact: 0794161715
13.  Mrs. Anisa Tayench:
Anisa is the daughter of Ista Chari. She was born in Andkhoy city in 1980. She passed her 12th grade and then served as school teacher in Andkhoy. She has political sympathy with National Movement Party.
Contact: 0797043262
14.   Mohibullah Dawlati:
Mohibullah Dawlati is the son of Maazullah. He was born in Bander area of Kohistan district in 1972. He passed his 7th class. She is one of the key members of the National Movement Party led by General Dostum.
Contact: 0796187298
15.   Faqir Mohammad Qaisar:
Faqir Mohammad is the son of Mohammad Saddiq. He was born in Kohi village of Qaisar district. He passed his 7th class and then studied for a period of time in Madrassa. Before the provincial council membership, he was among ethnic group elders in the district. In addition, he has political affiliation with National Movement Party.
Contact: 0799166542


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