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ANCOP Commander
Maj Gen Zamaray Paikan (20120409)
Maj Gen Abdul Fattah Frogh (20171120)



1st ANCOP Brigade, Kabul , MG Ghulam Rasool Tarakhil (20100309)
2nd ANCOP Brigade, Kandahar province, Brig Gen Colonel Ghulam Mahiuddin (20100927)
3rd ANCOP Brigade, Adraskan, Herat province, Brigadier General Aftakhri (20101000)
4th ANCOP Brigade, Zurmat, Paktia province, Col.Gul Mohammad Rasikh (20110320)
5th ANCOP  Brigade Helmand. Brig Gen Ghulan Sahki Ghafory (20111224, 20151009)
The ANCOP 5th Brigade mostly come from Dari-speaking tribes in northern Afghanistan, but will work exclusively in Lashkar Gah, a predominantly Pashto area. 

Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP)

16 battalions, 3431(Dec09) End-strength goal is 5365 in 20 national battalion(200 to 300 each) by Oct, 2010. Oct 2013 goal adds 34 provincial battalions and 6 regional battalions

The ANCOP is a new police force that was conceived in mid-2006 after AUP’s ineffective response to the May 2006 riots in Kabul. The ANCOP mission is to maintain civil order in Afghanistan's seven largest cities, to provide a robust and mobile police presence in remote, high-threat areas, and to serve as a rapid-reaction force to support other police in an emergency. They will have strong leadership, better training (16 weeks training by German trainers in Mazar-e-Sharif) and better equipment than the AUP and ANAP. The expectation is that the force will be able to respond effectively to urban unrest and rioting. ANCOP is fielded as two separate and distinct units: Rural and urban.  Rural units patrol the countryside  Urban units for the city environment and are similar to SWAT units.

ANCOP will temporarily replace ANP while ANP are taken offline for training.  ANCOP training center in Adreskan, Herat province. Capacity 800 per 16 week training cycle. 1x battalion in Kabul, 1x battalion in Kunduz, 1x battalion in Farah. 1x battalion in Paktya.

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