Afghan Biographies

Abdullah Mukhtar

Name Abdullah Mukhtar
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Paktika
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors Paktika:
Sayyed Mohammad Ali Jalali (2002), later killed 2006,
Ghulabuddin Mangal (2004),
Dr. Muhammad Akram Khpalwak Khepelwak (200603),
Abdul Qayum Khan Katawazi, (20090216 -20100100),
Mohib Ullah Samim (20100421 -20141220)
Abdul Karim Mateen (20141221-20150509 sacked)
Aminullah Shariq Aminullah (Sharqi) son of Ghulam Rabi (20150520-20160618)
Ilyas Wahdat (20160619, 20170305)
Dr. Mujib-ul-Rahman Samkani (20190114, 20190304)
Maulvi Abdullah Mukhtar (20211107)
Deputy Paktika Governor :
Abdul Rahman Mangal (20100208),
Juma Mohammad Zadran (20100421, 20111016)
Mohammad Ibrahim Katawazai, arrested by Kabul police in connection with a murder case (20210609)


Governor's Spokesman:
Mukhlis Afghan (20110729, 20141124)
Nabiullah Pirkhil Nabiullah Peerkhil (20150227, 20150611, 20160203)

Education Director:
Atta Mohammad Qane (20120507)
Kochai Zazai (20150301)
Mirza Ali Khan, director of Paktika's education department (20221213)

Director of Public Health Department:·
Dr. Wali Gul (20110825, 2017)
Dr. Asadullah Rasouli (20201126)
Dr. Hekmatullah Esmat (20220622)

Director of Matyr and Disabled Affairs Department:
Rahmatullah Farmoli (20110818)

Director of Information and Culture Department:
Bashir Mohammadi (20110116)

Director Irrigation Department:
Gul Mohammad Alikhel, killed (20110611)

Director of Woman Affair's Department:
Bibi Hawa Kushiwal (20110824, 20140413, 20150601) Bibi Hawa has been fined 35,000 afghanis by Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) officials for using a fake card to monitor the April 5 elections in southeastern Paktika province, said  IECC head in Paktika, Abdul Majid Malang.(20140412)

Director of Agricultural Department:
Hamidullah Tokhi (20110913) was sentenced by the primary court to seven years in jail on charges of embezzlement (20121010)
Paktia agriculture director:
Abdul Rauf Shahidzoi (20211011) acting

Director of Revenue Departmenet:
Mohammad Zahir Wafa was awarded a six years jail term on charges of embezzlement by the primary court.(20121010)

Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) head for Paktika:
Abdul Hadi (20120116)
Provincial labor and social affairs director:
Mahbob Salamzai, suspended after he was found involved in corruption in a 3.1 million afghanis project.(20181108)

Background as of 20170305):
Residents in Paktika province have said that the routes connecting Wazikhaw, Tarwai and Warmamai districts to the center of the province have remained closed for the past 16 years since the insurgent Taliban were toppled from the power. Wazikhaw, Tarwai and Ramamai districts are in border regions with Pakistan with majority of the residents obtaining their daily provsions from Pakistan.

2. Previous Function:
Provincial Governor Paktika (20211108)

3. Biodata:
Maulvi Abdullah Mukhtar

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Established 2021-09-05