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Akhundzada, Ishaq Mohammad Maulvi

Name Akhundzada, Ishaq Mohammad Maulvi
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1963
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Ghazni
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Governor Ghazni:
Taj Mohammad aka: Qari Baba Haji Assadullah, Asadullah Khalid (2002)
General Haji Sher (Shir) Alam Ibrahimi (20050629-2006),
Mirabudin Patan (Pathan, Pattan, lived 25 J. in USA) (20060919)
Faizanullah Faizan (20070919)
Sharif Khosti (20080303)
Dr. Muhammad Usman, aka Eng. Osman Osmani (20080531 - 20100300)
Musa Khan Akbarzada Ahmadzai (20100513 -20150902)
Aminullah Hamimi (20150903)
Abdul Karim Matin (20160731-20180216)

Haji Wahidullah Kalimzai (20180601
Daud Mohammad Laghmani (20210529)
Maulvi Mohammad Ishaq Akhundzada (20211107)


Deputy Governors Ghazni:
Muhammad Kazim Allahyar Alayar Muhammad Kazimullah Yaar , also a member of the National Disaster Management Authority (20091205). A suicide bomber on a motorcycle has killed the deputy governor of Afghanistan's Ghazni province, Mohammad Kazim Allahyar, his son and two bodyguards who were in the same car (20100928).
Mohammad Ali Ahmadi (20120706, 20130105, 20140903, 20150803) was on his way from Ghazni province to capital Kabul when he was abducted by militants.(20140903)
Muhammad Aref Nuri (201711)
Mohammad Ameen Mubalegh
Sayed Hanif (20211107)
Assistant Deputy / Social Deputy:
Mrs. Hosny Andar (20201206)

Governor's spokesman:
Saifullah Maftoon (20120102)
Fazl Mohammad Sabawoon (20120902)
Shafeeq Nang Shafiq Nang Shafiqullah Nang (20140320, 20140825)
Jawed Salangi, a spokesman for the Ghazni governor (20160509)
Mohammad Arif Noori (20171207, 20181118, 20191210)
Wahidullah Jumazada (20200518)

Director of Women’s Affairs
Shukria Wali (20121017)

Provincial Department of Public Health Director:
Dr. Zia Gul Asfandi Zia Gul Asphandi  (20101028, 20150104)
Baz Mohammad Hemat, head of the provincial public health department (20201129)
Dr Zahir Shah Nekmal (20210613)
Mawlavi Mohammad Hanif Mesbah (20211031)

Provincial Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Director:
Sultan Hussain Abbasyar Sultan Hussein Yar (20110923, 20140312)

Provincial Department of Education Director:
Hosni Mubarak Azizi Husni Mubarak Azizi (20101216, 20110823)
Ihsanullah Nashir Ehsanullah Nasher (20120228, 20130616)
Mohammad Abid Abid Waisi (20131115, 20150729)
Deputy Director:
Zahooruddin (20130616)
Maulavi Mohammad Munir Mansoor has passed away due to cardiac arrest (20230308)
Provincial Department of Public Works Director:
Mohammad Qurban (20110418)

Provincial Department  Director of Rural Development:
Sayed Baqir Sherzad (20110526)

Provincial Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Director:
Gholam Sanayee Mayel was recognized accused of bribery, embezzlement and other corruption and the attorney office had ordered his arrest,” head of attorney office, Sahar Gol said, adding that police couldn’t find Mayel at his office and house. He was in office 10 years. (20120329)
Sultan Hussain Abbasyar (20110923)

Provincial Department of Refugee Director :
Rayes Abdul Bari Rahimi (20110814)
Khaliqdad Ahmadi (20171207)

Natural Disaster Management Authority Chief:
Hafeezullah Gulistani Hafizullah Gulistani (20110923, 20130806)

Provincial Department of Information and Culture Director:
Hamidullah Sarwari (20110824, 20120706)
Mawlawi Abdullah Mansour (20220201)

Water and Energy Director:
Eng. Jan Mohammad (20120102)
Provincial director of Hajj and Islamic Affairs:
Fazl Ahmad Qazizada
 Qazi Fazal Ahmad (20130811, 20140903) Qazir Fazl Ahmad was executed by militants in central Maidan Wardak province.(20140906)
Provincial Traffic Department Director:
Mohammadullah Ahmad Abullah Ahmadi (20121215, 20130214)
Director Disabled and Martyrs Department: 

Nasratullah Siasee Nasrullah Syasi was killed with a silenced pistol in limits of the 2nd police district of Ghazni City (20191210)

Provincial Power Utility Department Head:
ShahrullahMubarez fired (20210704)
Jan Mohammad acting director of the department (20210705)

Of 19 districts in Ghazni Province, only seven Districts 1.Jaghori, 2.Jaghato, 3.Waghaz, 4.Andar, 5.Nahor, 6.Qarabagh and 7. Ab-Band have their District chiefs present at district centers, while Ajiristan, Malistan, Gilan, Nawa, Muqur, Giro, Bahram Shahid, Wali Mohammad Shahid, Rashidan, Khwaja Omari, Zana Khan and Deh Yak districts have no chiefs so far.They have their offices in Ghazni City. (20160526)

Ghazni has been promoted to first Grade Province (20180925)

2. Previous Function:
Governor of Laghman Province under the Taliban regime
Taliban Commander Ghazni (2008)
Provincial Governor Ghazni (20211107)

3. Biodata:
Maulvi Mohammad Eshak Akhundzada was born 1963 in Andar District, Ghazni Province. He belongs to Andar tribe. He is a brother-in-law of Mullah Mohammed Omar.

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