Afghan Biographies

Fariwar, Masoud

Name Fariwar, Masoud
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Radio Salam Watandar Director of
History and Biodata

Director of the Radio Salam Watandar (Hello, Countryman)
Masoud Fariwar (20091116), 
Deputy·head of board of directors of the station:
Mahmud Kochi (20120409)

The Salam Watandar Radio has been broadcasting programmes through its 47 local stations in 29 of the country’s 34 provinces as an independent media outlet. All expenses of Salam Watandar are being paid by the Internews organisation since its establishment nine years ago, Mujtaba Ayan, in charge of the radio station, said. He said efforts were underway to meet 50 percent of its income through advertising, strengthening programmes, especially for the youth,and agriculture-related broadcasts. Salam Watandar wants to extend broadcasts to the remaining five provinces during the current fiscal year, Ayan said without naming the provinces. Deputy Information and Culture Minister Timor Shah Ishaqzai called the Salam Watandar an example of the international community’s cooperation with Afghanistan


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