Afghan Biographies

Ahmadzai, Aziz

Name Ahmadzai, Aziz
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex ANSA Official
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
acting Director, Director of Operations for the Joint Secretariat (JS) of the D&R commission (20070300)
Chief of operations of the High Peace Council (HPC) secretariat (20110331)

Director General Afghan National Standards Authority ANSA (20201213, 20210517)

3. Biodata:
Abdul Aziz Ahmadzai had recourse to all of his skilful rhetoric and eloquence. For example he justified earlier failures of efforts to reintegrate former fighters into society by giving the following example: ‘In a third world country like ours, traditionally somebody spends six or seven years as an apprentice with a master before becoming a tailor, or a mechanic, or whatever himself. Our programs had short time-frames, you cannot turn a fighter into a professional in six months.’ His main request towards civil society, however, was to act as an intermediary between the HPC and the people, to do public outreach for the former and ‘convey the peace process to the ears of every Afghan’.(20110331)

According to available documents, Aziz Ahmadzai, head of the Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA), had earlier served as the Human Resource Head of MoD. After taking charge as ANSA head, Ahmadzai appointed some of his colleagues from MoD as acting heads of some ANSA sections.

Hundreds of tankers loaded with patrol and other goods were reduced to ashes in the fire incident on February 13. According to businessmen, the fire inflicted nearly $1 billion financial losses on traders.

Some sources said nearly 40 people were killed and tens of others injured due to the mammoth fire in the Islam Qala Port. According to available documents, Abid Shah, the son of Hazrat Shah, is an uneducated person, but he has been appointed as assistant in ANSA Directorate of Sample Testing by the signature of ANSA Head Aziz Ahmadzai.(20210301)

ANSA officials had written a complaint letter to President Ghani on February 24, 2021 in which ANSA head’s unprofessional conduct of affairs, misuse of authority, unprofessional appointments and embezzlement had been highlighted.

A part of the letter said that ANSA head appointed two brothers Sabir Shah and Abid Shah as sample collecting in-charge and assistant in Islam Qala Port. The two brothers are illiterate and have no educational background.

It added that due to appointments of unprofessional and uneducated people, the fire incident happened in Islam Qala Port.

According to a source, Sabir Shah his another colleague Najibullah have been arrested by Herat police after the fire incident and were currently being investigated.(202100301)



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Established 2021-05-17