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Istanbul Afghanistan Peace Conference 24. April 2021 postpon

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The Afghan peace conference that was scheduled to take place in Istanbul on April 16 is now expected to be postponed to April 24, Turkish Foreign Ministry sources said on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. The event, hosted by Turkey and supported by Qatar and the United Nations, will begin April 24 and run through May 4.

Now again postponed after Ramadan.

Initial list of the republic’s delegation for the conference reportedly includes the chairman of the high council for national reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah, former president Hamid Karzai, Abdulrab Rasoul Sayyaf, Mohammad Yunus Qanuni, Ata Mohammad Noor, Hamdullah Mohib, Mohammad Haneef Atmar, Sayed Hamid Gilani, Abdul Rashid Dostum, Mohammad Mohaqeq, Mohammad Karim Khalili, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Salahuddin Rabbani, Massoum Stanekzai, Salam Rahimi, Habiba Sarabi, Fawzia Kofi, Fatema Gilani, and Haji Din Mohammad.(20210412)

Given that the United States is trying to make the Istanbul conference “determinant”, the meeting will likely reach an agreement on “general principles” and the negotiations in Doha would then continue in the future.

Sources said that 19 people – including politicians, government officials, and representatives of Afghan women – are expected to attend the conference:

Chairman of the HCNR Abdullah Abdullah, Former President Hamid Karzai, Former Mujahidin leader Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar, Jamiat-e-Islami Leader Salahuddin Rabbani, Former Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili, Former Vice President Yunus Qanuni, Former Balkh Governor Atta Mohammad Noor, NSA Hamdullah Mohib, Sayeed Hamid Gailani, President’s Advisor for Political and Security Affairs Mohammad Mohaqiq, Chief Negotiator Masoom Stanekzai, Salam Rahimi, Deputy HCNR Hajji Din Mohammad, Habiba Sarabi, Fawzia Koofi, Fatima Gailani, and Hizb-e-Islami Leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar are expected to attend the Istanbul Conference from the Islamic Republic side.(20210412)

Former vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni at a gathering in Kabul on Tuesday, April 13 2021 said he has information that the government has prepared a list of delegates to attend the upcoming Turkey conference. He said such a delegation is not inclusive, most of its members are from the government and that it does not have the authority of decision making.

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