Afghan Biographies

Faizzada, Abdul Zahir

Name Faizzada, Abdul Zahir
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Provincial Governor Ghor
History and Biodata

1. Former Governor:
Dr. Ibrahim Malikzada (2001-20040912),
Abdul Qadir Allam (2004-2005),
Shah Abdul Ahad Afzali (2005-20061112),
Ahmady Ahmadi Baz Mohammad (20070709-2008),
Sayed Mohammad Iqbal Munib, dismissed (20081201- 20100525)
Acting Governor, Fazlul Haq Nejat (20101005)
Dr. Aqahi Abdullah Heiwad Haiwad (20101215 - 20120826)
Syed Anwar Rahmati (20120827 - 20150627)
Mrs. Sima Joyenda (20150628-20151220)
Ghulam Naser Khaze (20151221, 20170113) injured by roadside bomb (20180411)
Nur Muhammad Kohnaward (20200513, 20210228)
Abdul Zaher Faizzada (20210329)

Deputy Governor Ghor:
Ikramuddin Rezazada (20090611)
Abdul Ghani Sabir (20121213)
Muhammad Amin Tokhi Mohammad Amin Tokhy (20130806),Tokhi was found guilty of stealing funds and misusing his power (20160525)
Habibullah Radmanesh Habibullah Radmanish (20200207)

Governor's Spokesman:
Abdul Hai Khatibi Abdul Hai Kahtib (20110524, 20121102, 20170907, 20180411)
Governor’s house administrative chief:
Ghulam Mohammad Paiman was found guilty of stealing funds and misusing his power (20160525)

Director Public Health Department:
Dr. Ghulam Nabi Yagana, (20110311, 20151208)
Abdul Ali Rasuli, acting Director (20110923)
Dr. Juma Gul Yaqoubi (20200922)
Head of Ghor provincial information and culture Department:
Fakhruddin Aryapoor (20150213)
Water and Energy department director:
Mohammad Amin Wakili (20120516)

Director Revenue:
Abdul Haq Rasouli (20110313)
Mohammad Yousuf Danyar was found guilty of stealing funds and misusing his power (20160525)

Director education:
Abdul Tawab was detained at his office on the charge of bribery (20111019)
Deputy education director: Haji Abdul Hakim (20111019)
Sebghatullah Akbari, Sibghatullah Akbari (20130827, 20140714, 20170113)

Provincial Human Rights Commission Director:
Dr. Aqala Sharaf Mrs. (20111023)

Agriculture Department Director of Ghor province:
Farid Din (20111128) Prosecutors detained  Farid Din, accused of illegally distributing Government land and funds to farmers, the provincial Attorney said.(20111128
Abdul Tawab Tayeb (20180411)

Rural Rehabilitation Director:
Khair Mohammad, acting (20111218)
Rural development director Eng. Taj Mohammad Zulal (20121012)

Disasters Management Authority head:
Hamidullah Dadfar (2012023)

Provincial Sports Director:
Amir Mohammad (20111215)
Provincial Director of Women's affairs:
Mrs Shukria Wali (20130310)
Mrs. Masooma Anwari Masuma Anwari (20151026, 20161206) she has grabbed 625 square metres of the department’s land and has built a house on it (20201026)
Mrs. Halima Parestesh (20201204)
Urban development director:
Khair Mohammad was found guilty of stealing funds and misusing his power (20160525)
Provincial director of the counter-narcotics:
Noorudin Sharifi fatally shot (20170806)


2. Previous Function:
Head Provincial Council Herat (20120814, 20170821)
Provincial Governor Ghor (20210329)

3. Biodata:
Abdul Zahir Faiz Zada Alhaj Dr. Abdul Zahir Faiz Zada is the resident of Engeel District, Herat Province. He was born 1975. During its first tenure, he was head of the Provincial Council for two year. He got his primary studies at his native village. He was a physician but later he was is student of politics and law at a private university.(2019)

Dr. Abdul Zahir Faizzada, who claimed IDLG officials preventing him from contesting the vote for Provincial Council Head, told nearly 7000 protestors the elections were illegal and should be conducted again in the presence of all council members and within the legal constituency. The second round in Kabul came after last week’s electoral fray between Qatali and Faizzada failed to throw up a clear winner. Dr Abdul Zahir Faizzada is a prominent member of the Shura-ye Hamgarai and a former ally of Ismail Khan, had apparently fallen out of favour with his old patron who was now supporting the younger Sayed Wahid Qatali.

Thousands of residents of Herat city took to the streets, rejecting as illegal the election of Syed Wahid Qatali as provincial council chief. Qatali won a second round of the ballot that involved 12 members and held in Kabul last week in presence of Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) officials. Governor Dr. Daud Shah Saba called the elections as a coup against him, saying the result was unacceptable to him as the vote had not been fair because a majority of members were absent.(20130327)

He said Friday, April 2, 2021 that he was heading to evaluate security outposts that the insurgents started firing at his convoy on the outskirts of provincial capital Ferozkoh. He said that six of his bodyguards and a video journalist working for the government-run TV (RTA) in Ghor were injured.

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Established 2021-04-03