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Jamiat-e Islah

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Jamiat-i-Islah leader:
Dr. Mohammad Atif killed in Kabul, Chairman of the Central Council of Jamiat e Islah (20210202)

One of the biggest and most disciplined Islamist organisations, Jamiat-e Eslah (the Afghan version of the Muslim Brotherhood), does say it has faith in electoral politics in general; however, it did not support 2014 election, because the country is still ‘occupied’ and war is continuing, making free and fair elections impossible. It has reportedly found vocal sceptics of elections among its young followers after Morsi’s fall.

Afghan Society for Social Reforms is an Islamist nonprofit organization. Established in 2004, it operates in Kabul and other important cities of Afghanistan, and is financed by a number of Afghan intellectuals, teachers and businessman.

It is widely believed that the Jamiat-e-Islah group, which wants a Muslim Brotherhood-style regime in Afghanistan, is active in the university, with influential faculty members publishing books and arranging seminars.(20151110)


In the recent bombings of Afghanistan, one of the prominent associates of this organization was killed, Mohammad Atef. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has condemned the killing of head of Jamiat Islah Council.


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