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Bamyan Baba High School

Name Bamyan Baba High School
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Background and Names
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Current board
President: Mrs. Amina Hasan Pur  (founder)
Deputy Governor: Asif
Economic Director: Navid

COAM President:  Sardar Mohammad Amiri
Principle: Aran
Assistant Headmaster: Bishmullah
12 teachers


Bamyan Baba School was established 2010 and is a non-profit, K-12 educational institution in Bamyan, Afghanistan, owned by the board -- the majority of which are parents of the students.

Baba School is growing rapidly. It now has over 300 students!  Approximately 20% come from lower income homes which cannot afford the monthly tuition. They pay a sliding scale fee as determined by the Department of Education.  Many of these scholarship students are girls.

The student body consists of grades 1-9 and will be expanding to 1-10 in 2017. Its curriculum includes math, science, history, geography, physics, Dari, English and Pashtu literature. English language and computer skills begin in first grade.
The school will grow into 12th grade by 2019.  Upon graduation, many graduates will apply to the nearby, well respected Bamyan University.  Baba School is licensed, its activities are monitored by the Ministry of Education.  Results of three 2016 inspections were all “excellent”.


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