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Jabha-ye Moqawamat (Resistance Front)

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Founder of Jabha-ye Moqawamat  (Resistance  Front):
Abdul Ghani Alipur (20181129)
Spokesman of the Resistance Front:
Mohammad Hossain Tawana (20210130

Other names related to Jabha-ye Moqawamat  (Resistance  Front):
Commander Abdul Ghani Alipur aka Alipoor, Qomandan Shamshir Shamsheer Shamsher Commander Sword (20181129)


The Jabha-ye Moqawamat (Resistance Front) is an autonomous Hazara self-defence armed group in Behsud District of Maidan Wardak Province.

It is an armed Hazara Shia group founded by Abdul Ghani Alipur alias Commander Shamsher. This group fought against the Sunni Taliban and Kuchi in Behsud.

According to different news agencies, Abdul Ghani Alipur has supported the forces fighting the Taliban in the provinces of Ghor, Daikundi, Ghazni and Maidan Wardakand fought in clashes against the Taliban in the districts of Jaghori and Malistan in Ghazni province.

Afghan security forces arrested ‘an illegal armed group commander Alipurin capital Kabul’on 25 November 2018. Kabul police chief Lt. Gen Sayed Mohammad Roshandil confirmed commander Alipurs arrest and stated that it took place after the Attorney General had issued his arrest warrant. No further information was provided at the time on the reason of Alipur’sarrest. According to different sources, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) of Afghanistan accusedAlipur of leading an illegal armed group, of harassing the people, attacking security forces and demanding bribes from traders.The Interior Minister said that ‘The accusations are three to four extortion complaints involving the road that goes from Maidan Wardak to Jalriz and Bamiyan; stopping vehicles and extorting money from contractor companies’.

The authorities also accused Alipurof owning illegal arms.  Commander Alipur and his supporters claimed that he was part of the local resistance against the Taliban and ISIS. Following his arrest, his supporters protested in different cities and areas, includingKabul, Bamiyan,  Mazar-e-Sharif, Daikundiand Balkh demanding his release.

In the aftermath of the demonstrations, the National Directorate of Security released Alipuron bail but the relevant judicial bodies would examine the allegations against him. After his release, Alipur committed to register or hand in all his weapons, to be available for questioning by the authorities and to remain in Kabul in order to answer to any allegations against him.


Mohammad Hossain Tawana, spokesman of the Resistance Front, said that their members and government forces had clashes in Behsood. He said the clashes began after government forces shot dead the area’s elders who wanted to talk to them as mediators. The government forces are also blamed for taking the dead bodies and injured mediators as hostage for several hours. The MoI said earlier that clashes happened after “irresponsible armed men” loyal to commander Alipoor, an anti-Taliban commander known as Commander Shamshir (Sword), resisted the appointment of police chiefs for Hisa-i-Awal and Hisa-i-Dowom in Bihsud district.(20210130)


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