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At a time when the Taliban and the Afghan government are talking peace, the US and Taliban are engaged in secret talks on the names of some individuals who would lead the interim setup. Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar, Former Senator Abdul Hanan Haquon, Former President Hamid Karzai, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Masoum Stanikzai and Mohammad Umar Daudzai are the names being considered to head the future interim government. On the agreement of both sides, one of these names would be picked to lead the interim government.

Senator Abdul Hanan Haquon is the member of the Dawat-i-Islami Party, member of the Afghanistan Solvation and Stability Council and nominee for the interim government Chairman. Some people will have some reservations over Haquon, but the fact is that he was not involved in internal wars and has the support of Jihadi Leader Ustad Sayyaf and other political leaders. He is known as neutral persons by both parties and probably Haquon would be picked for the slot.

Meanwhile, sources close to Abdul Hanan Haquon say he had been officially approached to head the future interim government.

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