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  • Staff as of 20201204:

    Javed Maliki
  • Online section editor: Elias Navandish
  • Editor: Shir Mehryar
  • Translator: Jalil Pajhwok

Editor-in-chief of Etilaatroz newspaper:
Zaki Daryabi (20201204)

Etilaat Roz, or Daily Information, has established itself as a torchbearer investigative newspaper in Kabul, the Afghan capital. The daily hunts corruption, stirring what’s increasingly becoming a chaotic Afghan democracy, which suffers from ethnic frictions, messy elections, and insurgency.

In 2017, for example, Etilaat Roz exposed a deal between the Afghan government and a campaign sponsor of President Ashraf Ghani during the 2014 presidential race. Ghani had signed a deal to sell off real estate to the private company at a 90 percent discount. Following the newspaper’s report, the contract was halted.

Etilaat Roz published a memo from a senior member of Ghani’s administrative office, highlighting how members of non-Pashtun ethnicities should be sidelined in the administration. That report began a public discussion over ethnic discrimination within the presidential palace.

Etilaat Roz’s reports are not always appreciated. In July 2019, the paper published an investigative report on a contract between the Afghan defense ministry and a private company. The ministry had signed a contract for repairing electric generators with the private company, which calculated the cost of repairing a generator at twice that of purchasing a new generator.

Instead of the government reviewing the contract, however, Etilaat Roz and the reporters behind the story were introduced to the country’s attorney general for interrogation. The private company levied the accusation that Etilaat Roz’s reporters had asked for bribes from the company.



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