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Aino Mena Hospital Kandahar

Name Aino Mena Hospital Kandahar
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Hospital director:
Dr. Mohammad Hasham Alokozai (20200706)

Public Health Minister Dr. Firozuddin Firoz on July 6, 2019 inaugurated a 350-bed hospital in southern Kandahar province. Spreading over 67.5 acres of land, the four-storey hospital’s construction was completed at a cost of 610 million afghanis in three years and eight months. The hospital had been constructed on advanced and modern pattern and would treat patients of different diseases. The new 350-bed hospital would help reduce burden on the Mirwais Zonal hospital. Currently 50 beds had been activated and the hospital had started dealing with general surgeries and childbirth. The rest of 300 beds would start operation over the next three years.

The Aino Mina is a new housing project for up 2003 to two million people on the northern edge of Kandahar city. Originally called the Kandahar Valley and started by Mahmud Karzai, it was announced that the project would build up to 20,000 single-family homes and associated infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer systems, and community buildings, including schools.

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