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Farah PC 2009

Name Farah PC 2009
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Function/Grade Provincial Council Farah 2009 PC
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Provincial Council of Farah has nine seats each, with three reserved for women.
I vote Candidates | Votes %
1 Abdul Satar “Abbas Rahimi” 15,039 16. 8%
2. Humayoun Fawzi 9,155 10. 3%
3. Abdul Hamid - Hamid 8,605 9. 6%
4. Gul Ahmad Azimi Azami 8,369 9. 4% was elected into Meshrano Jirga
5 Mohammad Nazir Khidmat 6,598 7. 4%, Head of PC, roadside bomb wounded him and his son 20100622.
6 Haji Abdul Baseer 4,695 5. 3%
7 Belqis Roshan Omaryar 3,388 3. 8%
8 Shahla Abubaker Abu “Shahla Lahiji” 1,845 2. 1%. 30 year old Mrs. Shahla Abubaker is the youngest representative in Farah Provincial Council
9 Shirin Faizi 1,385 1. 6%
Abdul Ghani Noorzai.

Biographies of Farah Provincial Council Members

1. Abdul Basir Khair Khwa:
Haji Abdul Basir Khair Khwa is the son of Haji Nisar Ahmad. He was born in Khurma Qul village of Farah Province in 1958. He got graduated in 1978 from Sheikh Abu Nasr Farabi High School.
He is one of the tribal elders who joined Jihad in 1979 and fought against soviet and then immigrated to Iran. After a short period of time, he returned to his home country, and along with his elder brother Shaheed Haji Noor Ahmad (known as Haji Mu Aawin), he fought against soviet.
Following Mujahideen’s victory, he served as staff member of National Security in Farah for four years, and then for the second time during interim government, he served as director of Provincial National Security in Farah for two years.
During the 2005 elections, Khair Khwa was elected as representative to the provincial council and discharged his duty as the head of the council. During the 2009 election, he made his way to the council and now serving as head of the council. 
2. Abdul Hamid Hamid:  
Abdul Hamid Hamid is the son of Bismillah. He was born in Deh Berahna Larwand Village of Purchaman District in Farah Province in 1964. He graduated from Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Nayazi High school in Quetta Pakistan. Currently, he is studying in Farah Higher Teacher Training Institute. He served as a teacher in Purchaman District from 2003 to 2009.
He worked as accounting officer for a Trading Company in Quetta Pakistan and Qandahar Province. From 1993 to2001, he worked as head of tribal representative in Purchaman District. Hamid made his way to provincial council in 2009 elections. He served as provincial head of the council, head of complaint committee, head of NGOs committee. Currently, he serves as head of Ethical Committee of the council.
3.  Mohammad Juma Rafat:
Mohammad Juma Rafat is the son of Shah Mohammad. He was born in Kariz Ulya Village of Lash Jawin District in Farah Province in 1949. He achieved his 12th grade diploma in 1967 and graduated from Higher Teacher Training Institute in the field of Physics and Chemistry in 1971.
He served as teacher, deputy of Education Directorate of Urozgan Province, general manager and deputy of Pashtu International Research Center in Kabul, general manager of Kabul Airport, general manager of Lash Jawin District and as Acting District Governor of Lash Jawin District.
Rafat was elected as representative of people in Farah Provincial Council in 2009 elections and worked as deputy for two years. Currently, he serves as member of the council.
4.  Mrs. Shala Abu Bakr:
Shala Abu Bakr is the daughter of Nisar Ahmad Ayubi. She was born in Farah in 1976. She graduated from Mariam High School in Kabul and served as teacher in Farah. Shahla was elected as representative of people in Farah Provincial Council in 2009 elections. She served as sectary and now she is member of the council. She is the founder of Farah Voice Magazine and is interested in news and press activities.
5. Mrs.  Sharifa Sadat:
Sharifa Sadat is the daughter of Sayed Mohammad. She was born in Farah Center in 1964. She achieved his 12th grade Diploma from Miraman Nazoo High School in Farah and also graduated from social science of Farah Teacher Training Institute in 1979. Sadat served as teacher from 2004 to 2009 and then was elected as people representative in Farah Provincial Council. Currently, she is serving as sectary of the council.
6. Mrs.   Shireen Faizi:
Shireen Faizi is the son of Haji Malang. Faizi was born in Farah Center in 1958 and achieved 12th grade diploma from Miraman Nazoo High School in 1980, and then graduated from Higher Training Institute in the field of mathematics in his home town in 2009. Faizi is now a student of law faculty in the Gharjistan Higher Education Institute in Farah. Faizi has served as teacher, headmaster and principal in different high schools and also as trainer in Afghan Development Association (ADA) in Farah. In 2009 elections, Faizi was elected in provincial council on behalf of Afghan Millat Party. For a period of time, Faizi worked as secretary and served as member of Complain Committee of the council. Faizi is the head of Nijat Zanan Afghan, a civil society entity.
7. Mohammad Nazir Khidmat:
Mohammad Khidmat is the son of Haji Abdu-ur-Rauf. He was born in Shamal Gah Village in Farah Province in 1963. After getting his 12th grade diploma from Sheikh Abu Nasr Farahi High School in 1980, he entered Kabul Technical Military Academy and graduated in 1982.
He also completed a six-moth military course in the Soviet Union and now he is a student of third year of political science at Gharjistan University in Farah. From 1982 to 2003, he served as commander of Tank Platoon, Commander of Army Company and commander of Tank Battalion and Battalion executive officer. From 2003 to 2005, he worked as trainer in Afghan Development Association.
Mohammad Nazir is one of the important members of Afghan Millat Party. He made his way to provincial council as member on behalf of Afghan Millat Party. During three years of the first elections, he served as member and in the last year served as the head of the council, but in the first year of the second elections, he served as head of the council. He now serves as head of complaint Committee of the council.
8. Abdul Sattar Rahimi:
Abdul Sattar Rahimi is the son of Mohammad. He was born in Bagh Mir Village of Purchaman Distric of Farah Province in 1965. He graduated from Taht Purchaman High school in 1982. After graduation, he joined Mujahideen groups and then served as teacher at That Purchaman High School for six years. In 2009 elections, Rahimi was elected as representative in the provincial council. In the first and the second year, he served as deputy and now working as a member of the council.
9. Abdul Ghani Nauwrozi:
Abdul Ghani Nauwrozi is the son of Noor Mohammad. He was born in Gajgin Village of Pushtrod District of Farah Province in 1964. He achieved his 12th grade diploma from Khaja Abdullah Bedar High School in 1987.
From 1987 to 1992, he took part in Jihad and from 1992 to 2009, he was busy doing his own private business. During the 2009 elections, he was elected as representative of people in the provincial cou

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