Afghan Biographies

Fakhri, Fawzia

Name Fakhri, Fawzia
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1976
Function/Grade Woman Journalist Center Herat Head of
History and Biodata

1. Former Heads of Woman Journalist Center Herat:
Fawzia Fakhri (2010 - ) Phone 0700459200

3. Biodata:
Fawzia Fakhri daughter of Seyed Ali Ahmad (Fakhri) was born 1976 in Herat Province. As a young and successful student, she graduated from Grade 12 in 1996. She immediately found herself in the faculty of dentistry in Kabul, with the hope of becoming a doctor, only to be interrupted two months later as the Taliban seized power and banned women from holding jobs, attending universities and going outside their homes unescorted. She then joined a nurses’ school, the only option opened for a medical career at the time, but never practiced it.

After the Taliban’s fall, Ms Fakhri went back to university to pursue her dream to study journalism, but she didn’t dare to share it with her family at the time. She finally got an BA in Journalism. 2010, after four years as a newscaster for radio Sahar – an all-women radio – and contributing to Radio Watandar and a few local magazines, Ms Fakhri decided to help other women who made the same choice as hers.

After resigning from the radio, she has now been devoting her time as a trainer for an international non-Governmental organization specializing in media, besides spending her time and energy at the newly founded centre. At this stage, the journalism centre, which has already received four computers from the Italian Provincial Reconstruction Team, will require more support to implement all its projects.

In March 2010 Fawzia Fakhri, along with Masume Hasan, who is working for a newspaper published by the International Security Assistance Force, and Parwana Alizade, working for Deutsche Welle Radio, started a Women Journalism Centre with the aim of training female journalism graduates and helping them find media-related jobs. She speaks Dari, Pashtu and English.

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