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Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry ACCI

Name Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry ACCI
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Board of Directors Members as of 20150203
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Chief Executive ACCI
Haqjo_qurbanMohammad Qurban Haqjo

Deputy head of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI):
Khan Jan Alokozay Khan Jan Alikozai (20100719, 20150203)

ACCI Board of Directors:
1 Sherkhan Farnood ACCI Chairman
2 Mahmood Karzai First Vice Chairman
3 Khan Jan Alkozai Trade Affairs Vice Chairman
4 Haseen Fahaim Industrial Vice Chairman
5 Abdul Ghafar Dawai Services Vice Chairman
6 Haji Sadullah Haqyar Head of Secretariat
7 Ahmad Javid Jaihoon Treasurer
8 Halim Yousaf BoD Member
9 M. Ibrahim Zarif BoD Member
10 Azarakhsh Hafizi BoD Member
11 Jan Mahmmad Turkmany BoD Member
12 Khairudin Mayl BoD Member
13 M. Ibrahim Ghazanfar BoD Member
14 Sherin Agha Sakhi BoD Member
15 Ghulam Nabi Eidiza BoD Member
16 Abdul Musawar Naseem BoD Member
17 Mahmmad Jan Khan BoD Member
18 Hosay Andar BoD Member
19 Abdul Tawab Suratzada BoD Member
20 Hasmatullah Wardak BoD Member

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) is an independent, legal, non-government, non-profit and non-political organization which serves the private sector of Afghanistan and strives to facilitate an environment conducive to the economic development of the country. ACCI was established in March 2008 through a merger between the former state controlled ACCI (Established in 1931) and the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) (Established in 2004). As a strong membership organization representing the entire private sector of Afghanistan ACCI provides local businesses and international investors with the support they need for successful operations in Afghanistan, and achieves this through private sector related public policy advocacy, investment and trade promotion as well as other services.

International Affiliates: ACCI’s has international affiliate offices are: 1. Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) 2. Afghan Business Council Dubai (ABC) 3. Netherland Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce (NACC) 4. Afghan China Chamber of Commerce (ACCC) 5. Iran-Afghan Chamber of Commerce (IACC) 5. Canada Afghanistan Business Council

National Affiliates:
The Chamber’s current membership exceeds 37,000 members and business associations which include 25 major business associations representing every significant sector of the economy.  ACCI’s members and business associations account for well over 90 % of the total Afghan workforce.  The major business associations are shown below:

  1. Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA)
  2. Afghanistan Industrialists Association (AIA)
  3. Federation of Afghan Craftsman and Traders (FACT)
  4. Afghan Women’s Business Federation (AWBF)
  5. Union of Kabul Food Grain Traders (UKFT)
  6. Afghanistan Leather and Tanneries Association (ALTA)
  7. Afghan Carpet Exporters Guild (ACEG)
  8. Afghan Money Changers Association (AMCA)
  9. Afghanistan National Food Association (ANFA)
  10. Association of Afghan Freight Forwarding Companies (AAFCO)
  11. Afghanistan Exporters Union (AEU)
  12. Afghanistan Bankers Association (ABA)
  13. Afghanistan Dry Fruit Exporters Association (ADFEA)
  14. Afghanistan Masonry Industrialist and Traders Association (AMITA)
  15. Afghanistan Marble and Granite Producers Association (AMGPA)
  16. Afghan Marble Industrialists Association(AMIA)
  17. Afghanistan Economic Reporters Association(AERA)
  18. Association of Kabul Carpet Producers (AKCP)
  19. Afghanistan Women Business Council (AWBC)
  20. Afghanistan Importers Association (AIA)
  21. Afghan Consulting Companies Association(ACCA)
  22. Eastern Zone Transporters Association (EZTA)
  23. Afghanistan Housewives Business Association ( AHBA)
  24. Afghanistan Pharmaceuticals Producers & Importers Association (APPIA)
  25. Afghanistan Women Business Association (AWBA)
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